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How to Set Up a Bank Account in the UK

How to Set Up a Bank Account in the UK

One of the essential tasks when you move to London is setting up a bank account. A UK bank account is necessary to secure your savings, receive your salary and plug into payment systems or apps to pay your monthly bills and make financial transactions. Greater London Properties gives you advices about How to Set Up a Bank Account in the UK.

The documents you need:

To open a bank account in the UK, you need documents serving as proof of identity (ID) and proof of address. You can show your passport or driving license as ID proof. Address proof documents include:

–          Mortgage statement/Tenancy agreement

–          A gas or electricity bill issued within the last three months

–          A bank or credit card statement that is less than three months old

–          Local authority/Council tax bill valid for the current year


Understandably, these documents are hard to provide if you’ve just arrived in the UK. Here are some options to consider:


–          If you’re here to study, a letter from your university’s admissions office confirming your address will suffice for most banks.

–          Prior to leaving for the UK, you can ask your bank to change your correspondence address to your UK address.

–          Many banks accept a letter from your employer as long as it is not more than three months old.

–          Your HMRC P2 PAYE Coding Notice, along with your employment contract OR even a letter from Jobcentre Plus validating your National Insurance number will suffice as address proof.

–          Ask your landlord or a trusted relative/friend in the UK if you can use their address temporarily. If they agree, apply for a prepaid credit card, which will be sent to the UK address. Then change the address on your bank account to the UK address, print a statement and submit as proof of address.

UK banks provide different types of accounts, including a current account, basic bank account, packaged account, student/graduate account and a jam jar account. Your estate agent London, Greater London Properties will be able to offer some tips in this regard and on settling down comfortably in the city. Hopefully this article helps answer your questions How to set up a bank account in the UK ?

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