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Independent Coffee Shops in Soho

Best Independent Coffee Shops in Soho

Fancy a coffee?

Well, if you’re in Soho or are heading towards it, you should check out these brilliant independent coffee shops in Soho. Their lip-smacking coffee and delectable treats make for the best snacks whatever the time of day. Let’s get started.

Flat White SoHo

If you’re walking down Berwick, you may find yourself in front of a unique looking Antipodean-style café. That’s Flat White, one of the most well-known cafés in Soho. Walk inside, and you’ll be greeted by rows of freshly baked items and steaming cups of coffee.

The artisanal coffees here have been made after much experimentation. From the sweet to the bitter, there’s something for everyone. Most of their beans are sourced from Drop Coffee Roasters, which is one of the most reputed coffee providers in Europe.

The food here is Aussie/Kiwi cuisine, and you’ll find loads of goodies from gluten-free banana bread to seasonal desserts.

Bar Italia

Many consider Italian coffee to be the best coffee in the world. If you do too, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the fresh brew that Bar Italia on Frith Street has to offer. Started in 1949, this family-run café is now an integral part of the Italian community in Soho. Thousands of people wind their way in and out from this magical place for a sip of their celebrated coffee.

Open 24 hours a day; the café is decorated with posters of Rocky Marciano, the Italian flag and other Italian trinkets. The menu boasts of traditional Italian fares like biscotti, brioche, cannolo, pizza and pasta. Their most popular coffee is the traditional espresso.

Store St. Espresso

While Store St. Espresso hasn’t been around as long as the rest of the cafes on this list, it still is gaining much visibility amongst Central London’s youth. This little café straddles the line where Soho and Bloomsbury meet, close to The British Museum. Its white-washed floors, simple décor, charming artwork and wooden furniture give it an elegant air.

The café is loved for its sensational espresso and super-soft, melt in your mouth pastries. The sandwiches are a favourite lunchtime dish, and there’s always a special on the menu every day.

Located close to many of Central London’s universities and student housing localities, Store St. Espresso sees a steady stream of students and teachers as its visitors. If you’re looking for rental properties in Soho, ask your estate agent London to find you places near Store St. Espresso.

Bar Termini

Another brilliant Italian café is Bar Termini. There are two outlets of this café – one in Soho and the other in Marylebone. While its coffees are delicious and its beef carpaccio is to die for, the real show stoppers at Bar Termini are its cocktails.
This is one of the few cafes in Soho, which boast of such an exquisite cocktail and wine selection. If you’re not sure what to try first – their coffee or their cocktails – try one of their coffee-infused cocktails. That’s the best of both worlds.

The café also has a shop, where you can buy everything from coffee beans to wine bottles to artwork by local artists.

Maison Bertaux

When Monsieur Bertaux fled to London from Paris in 1871, he brought with him a handful of his grandmother’s French recipes. Not sure what livelihood to seek, he began making French pastries and bread for a living. Today, his recipes are much-loved across London, and Soho’s Maison Bertaux is one of the most famous French patisseries in the Central district.

Walk through the elegant doors, and you’ll be greeted by rows of eclairs, marzipan figs, tartlets and cakes. The warm and welcoming aroma of freshly-baked butter croissants will envelop you and linger in your memory for the rest of the day.
If you’re purchasing property near Soho, ask your estate agent London for sites near Maison Bertaux.

SoHo Coffee

A Fairtrade coffee roaster, this one, Soho Coffee makes 100% organic coffee at its Central London café. This homely little café opened its doors in 1999 and today, it’s one of the most reputed Fairtrade, independent roasters in London.
The chefs, Amanda & Martin, love to experiment with the menu and it’s not surprising to find a new dish on the board every day. Absolutely everything is hand-made – from the bread to the salads to the crispy jacket potatoes. Their cakes, frappes and smoothies are all natural and organic, with sugar-free versions available. They even have a unique kids menu replete with coffee-flavoured delights.

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