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International Buyers Continue To Invest In London’s Real Estate

Greater London Properties Director, Rob Hill is the first to admit that the recent times haven’t been so favourable for the real estate industry in London owing to the falling property prices. But he says “ real estate agents London can find some relief because international buyers continue to demand properties in what Rob believes is the best capital city in the world”.

Although London’s real estate has always been a hub for international investors, weak sterling and lower prices of properties are certainly an icing on the cake. The recent property price indices in the UK, which are enormously large, identify London as a destination for international buyers because the prices are not expected to rise for a few years.

According to data furnished by London Central Portfolio, a London-based property management firm, international buyers represent about 45 percent of Central London property investors in 2017. Sale of properties in the most prime localities have gone up by more than 4 percent in 2017’s second quarter. UK buy-to-rent investors are the primary buyers, of properties costing less than £1 million, because they have become more expensive for Buy to Let landlords as a result of government policies. Although this trend’s duration is still unknown, it is considered a welcome uplift for real estate agents London.

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