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Business as UNusual Live - Interview with Manisha, The London Beauty Stylist

Business as UNusual Live – Interview with Manisha, The London Beauty Stylist

Today Megan from Greater London Properties is streaming live from the Bloomsbury office, speaking to International makeup artist and beautypreneur Manisha Shah.

Manisha has been a makeup artist for around 5 years. She has been very successful, has a large following and has travelled around the world to luxury destinations to do bridal makeup.

She has recently began a new venture, ‘Business of a Beauty stylist’ providing guidance, tips and strategies for all types of businesses in the beauty industry, who want to break through and accelerate their business to a higher level. She felt there was a gap in the beauty industry for those who want to upscale their beauty business.

You can now sign up to her course! She has business coaching packages on her website; prices and hours vary. She has also done a few blogs on her website.

Excited to speak with Manisha today to find out how you can get involved if you are an aspiring beauty stylist, as well as how she has adapted to the new lockdown.

We are supporting small businesses during the coronavirus lockdown. To shine a light on all of the fabulous businesses that make up our vibrant West End, we have started a Facebook group, Central London’s Lockdown Support Network, to connect businesses and local residents.

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