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Business as UNusual Live - Interview with Paul Matteucci from Vasco and Piero's

Business as UNusual Live – Interview with Paul Matteucci from Vasco and Piero’s

Today Megan from Greater London Properties was chatting to funny Paul Matteucci who is the son of Vasco and current owner of the restaurant.

Vasco and Piero’s Italian Restaurant have been in Soho since 1971, they have seen the area grow into what it is today and thought of an original idea to promote their very own history book as well as offering up vouchers to their restaurant ready for the re-opening.

“This Soho old timer is rammed. No fireworks, no dishes created for social media, no mouthy chefs, no wonder it is such a success.”
THE GUARDIAN, Marina O’Loughlin, February 2017.

We are supporting small businesses during the coronavirus lockdown. To shine a light on all of the fabulous businesses that make up our vibrant West End, we have started a Facebook group, Central London’s Lockdown Support Network, to connect businesses and local residents.

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