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Let there be light: how to maximise the amount of natural light in your new house

As humans, we can’t help but feel energised and inspired when natural light floods into a room, so it’s no surprise that a bright house is often at the top of a prospective homebuyer’s wish list. However, if your new ideal house is lacking in lighting, buyers need not be concerned: it is never too late to add brightness and light to a home that you otherwise approve of.

Depending on your financial situation and time constraints, harnessing light may not be out of reach. Some cures are simple solutions, while others may need a weekend to complete. Another option is to make some significant adjustments in order to brighten gloomy spaces and create a natural flow throughout your new house.

We’ve divided our sunshine solutions into three categories based on the amount of work required to do. Try out these tips and watch the light come on!

Fixes that are quick and easy:

• Any furniture that is in the way of your windows should be moved. This ensures that the light that does get in has enough space to move about.

• Mirrors, mirrors, and even more mirrors! Mirrors, when strategically placed, have the ability to bring light into dark parts of the room. To create the appearance of two large windows, place a mirror of similar size opposite a window!

• Examine each room for any shadows that may be lurking about. Anything that casts a large amount of shade should be relocated to a more inconspicuous location.

• In your interior scheme, use furniture with delicate frames so that light may readily pass through it. In addition, tables and furnishings made of glass, lucite, or reflecting metals may make your area seem more spacious.

Projects for the weekend:

• Keep your windows clean on a regular basis. Despite the fact that we cannot always see it, a layer of grime may accumulate on windowpanes and ever so slightly block off the sunshine. The amount of change this can make will astound you!

• Installing airy window coverings can help to disperse the unequal rays which can happen during peak hours, while also providing seclusion without fully blocking out the sunlight. It is possible to get this look with sheer white curtains, but window shades are also another great alternative. Solar shades are a great option for increasing privacy but still letting in plenty of light. They block out UV rays while still allowing you to see out into the world and enjoy all of the natural light that comes with it.

• Keep your décor selections light in colour so that they will reflect the natural light. This is true with paint as well! High-gloss finishes, such as satin paint, will aid to reflect light throughout the space.

• Trim back any plants or branches that may be blocking your view when looking out of the windows. This may even allow you to extend the number of hours during which light can enter your house.

Jobs with a lot of responsibility:

• Are you feeling risky and courageous? Remove any not needed doors that wall off areas and obstruct the flow of light, or simply replace them with glass doors to make the space seem more spacious. Frosting door panes is an excellent alternative for places such as study areas or dens that need a little seclusion while still allowing light to flow. You can always enlarge doorways if necessary.

• Non-weight bearing barriers connecting common areas should be removed to enable more natural light to enter your house.

• Installing skylights or tubular daylight devices opens up a whole new world of possibilities. With a little forethought, this solution has the potential to bring natural light into even the most unexpected places. Skylights are an excellent alternative for dark bathrooms and bedrooms because they provide the greatest amount of seclusion while still emitting a beautiful radiance.

In your home, natural light may enhance your mood, increase your productivity, energy levels, and improve your general health and wellbeing. In the event that you’re purchasing a property or have lately acquired a new home that lacks natural light, you now understand how easy it is to redeem this issue

Please get in contact if you want any further suggestions or help on brightening a place!

Make your property stand out during a virtual or video tour by using these tips.
The demand for virtual and video tours of homes is increasing as purchasers seek safe methods to examine and experience houses without having to come into touch with anybody in the real world. Learn how to display your property in the best possible light and make it stand out during a video or virtual tour…

When purchasing a property remotely, virtual and video tours are very useful and advantageous. If a possible new house is located a long distance away, there is no better way to get acquainted with it. Aside from that, acquiring a new property remotely helps a buyer to save both time and money on trip expenses.

Tips for ensuring that your property stands out during a home tour

When utilised properly, virtual or video tours may be a very effective tool for promoting a property. The immersive nature of their presentation allows them to be rather refreshing when contrasted to typical images or diagrams of your property. As with any other technology, house tours may be rendered worthless if the user does not understand how to utilise it effectively. If you want your trip to be noteworthy, you must stick to some fundamentals and take into consideration specific aesthetic choices.

Clean your home

Despite the fact that this may seem apparent to some of you, we believe it is important to point out that tidying your house prior to hosting a home tour is essential. Recognize that there is a distinction between cleaning your house in preparation for a shoot and just tidying up. When preparing your house for a home tour, you must ensure that it is immaculately clean. Everything has to be in excellent working condition, which includes cleaning, dusting, and rearranging stuff. Identify any evident problems with the floor or roof and make repairs as soon as possible. In an ideal situation, your house would resemble a model home.

Create a visual narrative.

Once your house has been thoroughly cleaned, there is one important concept that we would want you to have in mind. A house tour will only be successful if you are able to convey a narrative through it. A home tour entails much more than just walking around your house and discussing every room and what its purpose is. Instead, you must think about who you are selling to and then tailor your presentation to their needs and interests.

Consider the following scenario: you are selling your family house. Upon consulting with an agent, you determine that your target purchasers should be young families looking for a peaceful neighbourhood in which to raise their children. Your objective should be to make your house as family-friendly as possible in this situation. Warm lighting, soft furnishings, warm colours, and ease of use are just a few of the features that you should be taking into consideration. This is because all of them build on the impression that your property is suited for a family setting. It is simpler to sell your property if you put more emphasis on all of these characteristics, as you would be able to convey a cohesive and visually appealing tale.

Using the appropriate lighting and colour schemes

When it comes to lighting, the first thing to remember is that natural light should be used wherever possible. Artificial light sources don’t look well when captured on film. And, perhaps more crucially, they have a tendency to make the whole space seem shabby. As a result, natural light should be used.

The dilemma now is choosing when to do the shoot. And it is at this point that the narrative component comes into play. If you’re attempting to portray your property as a contemporary, well-located living place for a young professional, do it first thing in the morning. Your house will have a sense of vitality and aliveness because of the strong light that comes in during the early morning hours. If, on the other hand, you are selling a family home, the afternoon is the perfect time to do your shoot. Afternoon light creates a sense of cosiness and homeliness that is difficult to achieve with artificial lighting.

Colors are subject to the same considerations. If you are appealing to young professionals, cooler colours such as blue or green should be used in your design. Those who have this quality convey an air of openness and at the same time a sense of serenity. When decorating a family house, warmer colours such as yellow or dark orange are preferable since they are more inviting. Of course, these are just some ideas for you to take into consideration, and you should experiment to find what works best for your particular situation rather than blindly copying them. However, they should provide you with a strong understanding of how to think.

Emphasize the most advantageous characteristics

One of the most common errors that individuals make is that they attempt to draw attention to every feature of their property. The bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, and so on… Each and every item is shown to its maximum capacity. Unfortunately, this often proves to be counter-productive in nature. This is due to the fact that if everything is stressed, nothing is. Once again, you must thoroughly analyse your house and choose which features are the most advantageous. If everything looks amazing, that is wonderful. However, make an effort to determine which attribute is the most advantageous. Proceed to highlight it from there.

Consult with experts in the field

The last step in making your property stand out during a virtual or video tour is to consult with a professional photographer or videographer. Even as you are reading this, you are undoubtedly aware that there are many factors to consider, particularly if you really want your house tour to tell a tale. If you believe you need further expertise, reach out to those that do them on a regular basis!

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any concerns regarding virtual/video house tours or how to properly utilise them to advertise your property!

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