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London a Hot Fintech Hub Despite Brexit Woes

London will continue being a hub for financial technology companies despite leaving the European Union, says Early Metrics, a rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs. The company conducted a study of 1,500 fintech firms across Europe and found that though London’s leadership in the fintech domain had been challenged by Brexit, it would continue attracting interest and investments in the medium term.

Whether you’re looking to invest in commercial or residential real estate, the city is still a good bet regardless of what all the noise around Brexit may suggest. Greater London is the perfect place to start, so get in touch with an estate agent London to view attractive deals on properties for sale in Bloomsbury, Soho, Fitzrovia and Covent Garden. It is certainly what Middle Eastern investors are doing, their attention firmly trained on the city’s luxury real estate. Around 80% of the city’s luxury homes are purchased by foreign investors.

Since Brexit, a fall in the pound and the slowdown in home price growth, Gulf investors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into London property. Investors are of the opinion that Brexit is a short-term issue that will be resolved quickly. The city’s most desirable neighborhoods are expected to be the beneficiaries, and predicted to witness up to a 22 per cent increase in prices once the Brexit cloud disappears.

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