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Marylebone Stores for Foodies

What London’s Marylebone Stores for Foodies?

What London’s Marylebone Stores for Foodies?

There’s certainly no doubt that London is one of the most coveted destinations for people who wish to experience the perfect balance between luxury and convenience. It’s not uncommon to see different neighbourhoods in the city teeming with people from different parts of the world. Take the example of Marylebone. The demand for estate agent Marylebone has increased rapidly in the recent time thanks to the swanky apartments, convenient facilities, and not to forget the amazing restaurants that spot the area.

Any estate agent Marylebone will tell you why the neighbourhood is so good for living. Firstly, Marylebone has turned into one of the most gastronomic neighbourhoods in London. If you are a foodie looking for some mouth-watering treats, perhaps this affluent Central London neighbourhood is the best destination for you. Head straight to the bustling Seymour Place, which is home to amazing cafés and restaurants. Here are a few places to check out there:


Bernardi’s is the perfect place to start your food tour. The Brainchild of Australian/Italian brothers Marcello and Gabriel Bernardi are restaurants known for their British and Italian dishes prepared from home-grown produce. The bar stocks up an amazing collection of wines and cocktails. Go for the Sunday brunches to get an enormous spread of Italian preparations and sink into the part atmosphere.

Gail’s Bakery

If you love bread, Gail’s Bakery should be your next stop. This place has been providing great loaves to Londoners since the 1990’s. From sandwiches to burgers to rolls, Gail’s Bakery is a place no foodie should miss out on. Make sure you conclude your meal here with a lemon, rose and pistachio cake.

The Borough Barista

If you haven’t got a chance to sip on some amazing coffee, perhaps you should enter the Borough Barista. The Borough Barista has a trendy and cosy setting that draws people from the street. The use of British products is a staple here, and you are likely to see really well-trained baristas serving you.

The above are just a few must-do’s when you are in Marylebone. But renting or buying a property here would be ideal if you wish desire luxury, comfort and convenience. Perhaps estate agent Marylebone, Greater London Properties can help you find the apartment of your choice.

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