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Is there Longevity with Online Agents?

Online agents charge a small (in comparison) fixed fee, paid up front.  In return you will get a property valuation and then your house will be displayed on the popular portals.  Is this enough?  Will this ensure your property will sell for its true potential?  Is there life in the online agency business and if so what would that mean to for shop front estates agency and the community?

For most people, your home is your largest asset which is why selling it can be one of the most stressful things you will do in your life.  Choosing a company you feel will guide and educate you, with empathy and understanding throughout negotiations, and do so honestly and with integrity is crucial is essential.  This will reduce the stress and give you the assurance you are selling at the correct and optimal market price.

Greater London Properties do not charge huge fees – firstly, because we are an independent agent we don’t have the overheads of larger corporates but also we want our fee to reflect the value of what we do. Our team will work around the clock to get the best price for your home, and then co-ordinate with the relevant individuals to ensure the deal goes through as smoothly, and quickly as possible. They are incentivised from beginning to end.

How are online agents able to do this when they don’t know the local market, the individual streets (where in London can vary hugely in price) and have the relationship with you and know what’s important to you during the sale?  A shop front agency provides stability – one point of call and a team of experienced negotiators who know your property inside out and are financially driven to sell it to the best possible buyer.  They provide peace of mind.

I recently had my home valued by a well-known online agency who undervalued it by £95,000. My home is my biggest asset. I have worked since I was 21 to own my bit of land in London and when I sell it, I will use my local agency, who I have met, who I like and who can provide me with (and are able to achieve) the best possible service and price for my home.

If you would like to know how much your home is worth, please call Greater London Properties on 0207 113 1066 to book your free Valuation today.

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