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Hello, I'm on well Backstreet know, when marylebone. And I am going to take you to the building behind me to the third floor, to see a two-bedroom property that has just been refurbished. So really nice, modern and bright. Let's go and check it out.

So we are on the 3rd and the top floor.

Getting into this newly refurbished, two bedroom, one bathroom, and we're going to start with the kitchen here.

Nice and bright. Very sleek.

Electric hopes and oven, then your fridge freezer here, sighs you draw is here and then a little bit of storage there dishwasher. That's additional storage.


Getting into the reception.

So you have this nice wooden floor throughout the flat and this is jelastic. So, you do have a sort of a wall just here half of it, and but it still allows plenty of natural light in and you've got two windows that way. This is the this is Street placing. So this is bent extreme heat. Here. We are on the corner of them tick and

What about streets?

There is a little Skylight here, sort of. So it is very bright room.

And then here you've got those three doors. So this is a little storage where you can fit a few suitcases or shelves. This is the bathroom, the nice.

And I have two droids here for storage.

And you also have a bit of storage behind the mirror cabinet.

Large breasted window that you can open as well to are the classroom. And then to the left is just uut cupboard with your washer and dryer and the boiler system and then you've got your two bedrooms here.

So this is one of the two with three-door wardrobe and it gets size double bed, bedroom, facing the street. So they both facing Welbeck Street.

Open the storage gets space and this is the other one, which is slightly bigger.

Built-in wardrobes as well.

Let's face that way.

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