Rob Hill

Team Rob Hill, Greater London Properties

Rob Hill

MBA, Director – Soho Office

[email protected]

I left Liverpool University with an MBA in Urban Regeneration and a degree in Geography and started working with a North London Estate Agency. After a short time I recognised that due to consistent staff changes and the size of the geographical area covered, much of the advice given to both Landlords and Tenants was too generalised to be of any real assistance.

I felt that the ideal Agency should have an unrivalled knowledge of its area, not just street by street but property by property, thus the strategy of GLP was conceived. In 2003 I rented a Soho office and began trading.

In 2008 the company moved to Broadwick St and Greater London Properties became the only property window in Soho, something I am extremely proud of.

It’s a pleasure to be so involved in the local community, it’s an incredibly unique area and the changes taking place will only add to this. We have a fantastic team of people who know the west end intricately, are all experts in their roles and are a pleasure to work with, I couldn’t be happier. My spare time is taken up by my ever growing family, Everton and the NFL.

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