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Moving to London Tips

So many people across the world covet London for its sheer ultra-modern vibe and peerlessly historic charm. But there’s a lot that you need to do before landing in this utopic city. From getting a job to finding an estate agent London to setting up your home, moving to London entails a lot of work. You can, however, make your move smoother and more convenient by following the moving to London tips below:

Plan your move during winter

Most of you may think it’s unhelpful to land in London during freezing winter months, but this is actually the best season for you. The time after Christmas and New Year sees a fall in tourism, with accommodations and modes of transport relatively less crowded than in summer. As such, you might even find good deals in hotels and home-stays where you have to put up temporarily.

Calculate your cost of living

Let’s face it: London is an expensive city with a high standard of living. Rent in London can skyrocket in certain neighborhoods and commuting from point A to point B can be expensive too. At the same time, taxes can be extremely high with an average salary of 150k+ taxed at 45 percent. So you should take all your expenses into consideration and formulate a budget before moving to central London.

Find a reliable estate agent London

Finding a home in London, either for rent or purchase can be really challenging. You have to choose your desired home from a plethora of neighborhoods and property listings. How do you know which neighborhood and house suits you when you are new in the city? As such, it would be smart to approach an estate agent London to help you with house hunting. Make sure you include the brokerage fees in your budget computation.

Know how to get around the city

Last but not least, you should try getting the hang of the city roads and different attractions in London. If you choose not to have a private vehicle, you will have to know the bus routes, subway stations, and other modes of transport within the city. Make sure to look into a travel card too, as this will likely save you money.

So what are you waiting for? Follow our moving to London tips and contact our estate agent London to open the doors to this mesmerizing city.

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