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New instruction penthouse apartment – 3 bedroom and private terrace

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Hi everyone. Thanks for jumping on this dream today. If you give it a couple of seconds, I see this deliver couple of people waiting to join apologies. I’m a little bit late technical issues, but like let’s get started. So hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We’re very excited to introduce you. This beautiful 3-bedroom, split-level. Penthouse, apartment situated, and sought-after Art Deco block and a heart of Bloomsbury. We are occupying the seventh and eighth floor of the stunning Mansion block, and it’s impressive. Residents is

It moments away from all the amenities at Bloomsbury has to offer. In terms of location. We are just a stone’s, throw away from the Kings Cross and the Eurostar link. It’s a pancreas where one of Europe’s biggest regeneration. And development projects has been a benefit to the area. We are very close as mentioned to the Bloomsbury. So we’ve got the bottom Brunswick shopping center. You got Russell Square station on the Piccadilly line, which is literally two minutes away. And you are the lovely Russell Square Park and you’ve also at UCL and many other universities. So very well.

Located, nice Central area, and easy to access all of the other stations as well. So let’s get started. We are on the 7th Floor now and it’s really lovely open plan living space.

We have got just over eighteen hundred and eighty square foot. And so you get lots of extra like to get Windows from each angle as well.

The property has been staged so you can get a real idea of how you kind of dress it yourself. Lovely wooden, floor ends, Goods, height of ceilings. Just a great space to start to start the tour.

Just give me a good angle of all the whole living area.

So as you can see, plenty of space to relax.

You have got your very modern, lovely. Kitchen. Again, wouldn’t test wouldn’t Ops lots of room to do your kick in big Windows as well. So lots of light, you get your washer dryer.

And dishwashers are everything you’d expect.

And your cat gas hob, and your fridge freezer is in the corner.

As we walk out to the living space in the kitchen, got plenty of storage space to a right.

Coats mops, everything kind of engineered. It was good to have lots of storage space and we come to the corridor where our three bedrooms are situated. I’m going to start at the back of the flat and this is your third bedroom, which you could you also use as an office space. It’s a good size for a third bedroom, plenty of room for a double bed or a big desk and you’ve also got the benefit of the extra storage that’s built in already.

As we go around to get more than welcome to answer ask, any questions has it’s an interactive viewing. We have got the second bedroom looking out into the court, see that? So that is the outside of bridges around chin. So it’s a lovely

Action block plenty of room. Here you can see, it is carpeted in the bedrooms.

So storage space there and you’ve also got your en suite. You’ve got your shower rain, shower them so nice and modern kitchen.

As we exit. Again, you got a real nice sized hallway, lots of wall space to hang any good. Nice art. You have to make it really decorative. You’ve got a guest bathroom because you do have the two on sweets. You’ve also got a shower.

And the toilet.


Combee and your services. Again, you can use this as an extra bit of storage space and again just to kind of fuse boxes and service area here. And this would be the main bedroom.

Really good size. Again, looking out to the court. So you’re really nice quiet. Side of the building. You’ve got to lots of built-in wardrobes. Where a present for you.

And you’ve got again, a large one sweets, a shower. If you wanted to put a bath in, there was plenty of room again, big Windows to hair it all out.

Now, before we go upstairs all just walk. Take a walk through the flat again because the staircase is located in the middle. Just show you the common area as well. So really nice, well-maintained block you have got a lift access as well, which is always ideal on the seventh floor and there is a day Porter.

Now that hate still five every day.

I was going to take another walk through as we go upstairs.

You’re really lovely, kind of staircase.

Only Great Entertaining spot up here. Now. You can even turn this into an office space. If you wanted to have my van doors, open out into real lovely Terrace, but a lots of space to play with up here.

In the middle, you got the off stairs, which again, he could move if you fancied rearranging. So you can utilize the space a little bit better and on to Fantastic. Tara. So you’ve got a huge Terrace out here.

Great views of the BT Russell Park as well. So you can really amazing space to entertain. So up here for Life, an iced coffee in the mornings. We are south-facing as well.

That’s the view of the upstairs area.

I will get him downstairs so I can answer any questions.

So Peter, yes, we are on the 7th Floor, seventh and eighth floor. And as mentioned there is a lift big benefit for this property as well. So it’s kind of thank you for the question. It does come with a parking space which is found on the in the basement. So underground parking, you’ve also got access to a gym and sauna, so you do have some lovely immunities for this property as well.

They had it is at least, thank you Sarah. So at least length is nine hundred seventy five years. So very long lease. It said private parking. It’s gas in the building and you got your German soil as well. It is on the market for two million. It has just come onto the market. We’ve already had six of you and so it is proven to be a popular one. As you can probably tell from the video. You can understand why we are open for visitors of view. And we have to do is give me a call in the office number 402.

To 07734 4062 or Iman myself down at glp code at UK. You guys, thank you so much for jumping on. I really appreciate you all the questions and if you like to do anything, more to give me a shout. Cheers.

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