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Newly-developed three-bedroom apartment in SoHo

[00:00:01] Good afternoon and welcome everyone to a live video tour of this absolutely stunning. Newly-developed three-bedroom apartment in SoHo [00:00:13] So now before we start and wait for everyone to join, we’re in a building of the flat which is situated off Soho Square. We have plenty of amenities, which are all just a short walk away. So for instance, retail shops restaurants bars, and chief stations, the closest station is top and coat station, which is a three-minute walk. You can get the Central and Northern lines on there and also opt to Circa station and is close by Italy, bakerloo, Central and Victoria line. So you’ve got pretty much everything [00:00:42] In on your doorstep and that’s exactly what you want when you are living in the center. So it’s going to have to walk into the flat. So you are situated on the top floor, you do have lift access and the perk about this building and flat is that you’ve got your concierge, you’ve also got bike storage in the basement to, which is fantastic, and a very secure entrance to the building. So, this is the flat. Now, before I start walking around and showing your own reason is and [00:01:12] Just going to pan around. So you know where everything is on the floor plan which is on our website. So straight ahead, you have two bedrooms with it’s on film, have their own ensuite and then on my left, you have storage space along here. You also have storage base and then set of stairs to go up to the stunning open plan, living area and kitchen and the third bathroom and bedroom. So I’m just going to start here, [00:01:43] Are you have your video entry system as soon as you come into the flat? So you can pause anybody up before they pull up instead of having to go all the way downstairs. And then you’ve got your storage space here. It’s always good to have that extra storage space. [00:02:04] So this could be used for like suitcases and vacuum like any, any bits and Bobs that you want to put it away. [00:02:13] I mean, look how amazing this flight is. I mean, the the floors alone, absolutely stunning. You’ll see in each room as well. You’ve just, it’s so quirky or so much natural lighting. So this going to go into the first room. So this is the first bedroom. [00:02:35] Look how stunning that is. Both got really like high ceilings too. So I’m just going to show you the top. [00:02:42] Scott spotlights, throughout you’ve got this gorgeous, I window. It’s got these, like, quirky circles. And as you can see as well, the windows are so thick that you can’t even hear anything. [00:02:59] And it is actually quite busy down there as well, which is fantastic. [00:03:06] Again, newly-developed, nobody’s lived here before which is fantastic. [00:03:13] And then you’ve got lots of storage space along here. This is where you’ve got your en suite, just going to open drawers for you. So you’ve got your hanging rail at the top stories face. There, you’ve also got more storage space along here. [00:03:40] And then you fucked you trolls and then even along here. [00:03:45] I’ve got additional storage space, which is fantastic. [00:03:53] And then just up here. [00:03:56] And then more along here, as well. And then this is your en suite. So you’ve got the stunning bathroom here. This gorgeous bathtub beautiful marble going around, even the tiles as well. So intricate, I mean no expenses. Spared you also got a shower, too. [00:04:19] It’s got really nice like shower head. [00:04:22] And then you’ve got this section here where you can put your toiletries and then you’ve also got like a shelf here and then a mirror, or you can also put additional [00:04:37] Toiletries in there. [00:04:40] So, excellent space. [00:04:44] And then you’ve got your heater tutorial along. Yeah. [00:04:49] It’s a great space. [00:04:52] Bedroom. Now the furniture here it can stay or if you want it also go you can have it removed as well so you can have it furnished or unfurnished. [00:05:03] Okay. Now going into the second bedroom. [00:05:14] It’s going to show you that. [00:05:29] We’ve got your bathroom along here. [00:05:36] Again, lots of storage here and then you also have your bathroom but you also you shower with this great shower head. [00:05:49] And then again, plenty of storage space along here.

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