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One-bedroom flat to rent, on Broadwick streets, London Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this ZBJ7ukdmk1c video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

So, here we have the one-bedroom flat to rent, on Broadwick streets, right in the center of, so quite a quirky, but gorgeous little places. I've just come through the front door there. We're on the second floor up here. And then as we go through the flat, you've got the kitchen reception room down the end, which is open-plan. The bathroom is on the left through that door and then the bedroom through here and I've got 1st on the left, is this storage space?

Which has the washer dryer. So as you can see, the boiler and a few of the landlord's things are in there at the moment, but it's worth bearing in mind that everything will be pulled out if need be to all the personal belongings will be gone. You've got someone to hang your coat on the left. If we get started in the bedroom, so wooden floor all the way through very nicely done. Some aged dark wood there. You got over a step and then into the bedroom space itself and the bed is built into the wall.

And raised on this platform, as you can see,

But it's quite practical room. It gives you plenty of space as a sort of changing area with your built-in wardrobes right here with a long hanging rail, shells, baskets, even at the bottom there and then this window looks out onto the sort of walkway outside. So I'll take a video of the outside space as well just to show you. But blind is down for privacy. Of course, now come through this way storage on the right hand side. In this case,

Matching the flooring, as we go to the bathroom, we have an up-to-date finish heated towel rail. I'm starting base in there with storage underneath and then you've got this walk-in charmer,

Over on the side as well. So, well put together carrying on his your entry system as well as you can browse people upstairs from upstairs in so many to run down every time someone's there. But

Lovely, space inside, loads of natural light, pouring, in through these big windows at the front and then, obviously, it's furnished. As you see ready to go shelving again on the side there?

I'm just a sort of practical space. You can arrange it. However, you wanted to, I mean, the furniture doesn't have to stay as it is, but moving into the kitchen,

And you sort of semi open plan layout, you've got your gas hob, your oven storage, all the way around. The all important dishwashers tucked away in there and then your fridge with the freezer drawer over there. So ready to move into. As soon as you are, give us a call. If you do is work motion, want to get a viewing booked in. On this one, you can reach us on 020 7734 4062.

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