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Flats to rent in Bloomsbury

The perks of flats to rent in Bloomsbury

The perks of flats to rent in Bloomsbury

GLP has an extensive listing of flats to rent in Bloomsbury. Over the last decade, renting has emerged as a popular alternative to owning. The latest English Housing Survey (EHS) reveals that private renters make up 20% of the population. The percentage of owner-occupiers has fallen from a high of 71% in 2003 to 63% in 2017. According to this Guardian article, one in four UK households will rent privately by the end of 2021.

The better-known advantages of renting a flat are clear:

  1. The flexibility to move and enjoy different lifestyles is a common benefit cited by many renters. The rental process is quick and straightforward, and many tenancy contracts offer the scope to leave an ongoing tenancy if a replacement renter can be arranged. That means you can experience Bloomsbury and surrounding precincts or other areas within London in a more or less hassle-free manner.
  2. Bloomsbury’s charming flats are desirable for university students, most of whom prefer to rent with others: classmates, girlfriend/boyfriend or siblings/cousins. Couples with no children also consider sharing a flat to be a suitable living arrangement.
  3. Moving into a rental property is a lot cheaper than moving home, making renting a preferred option for professionals who do not want to deal with relocation hassles and expenses or those who simply cannot afford to move homes at short notice and must rent a flat for at least a year before figuring out their finances and potential future options.

Other reasons why people are looking at flats to rent in Bloomsbury:

  1. There is no risk of losing money when property prices fall
  2. Repairs and renovations are handled by the landlord
  3. Rental payments are fixed and easy to budget
  4. You can afford to rent in an expensive neighbourhood rather than make an outright purchase

When should you consider purchasing a home over renting one?

  • You can qualify for a mortgage to buy a house
  • You can afford the monthly mortgage payments
  • You have a guarantor or deposit (a gift from a relative or a family member willing to make any mortgage payments that you miss)

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