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Top Quirky Restaurants in London For 2019

On our weekend outings, Christmas or birthday parties, many of us tend to stick to our favourite restaurants and watering holes. In the process, we walk right past quirky restaurants in London that may not look particularly interesting from the outside but offer unforgettable experiences inside. If you’re ready to try something new and eclectic in 2019, Greater London Properties, London’s Central London Estate Agent has some recommendations for you.

Dans Le Noir:

Fancy dining in pitch darkness where you’re served ‘surprise menus’? Dans Le Noir in central London offers a dining experience that may not seem too appetizing at first. But once you’re sitting in the dark, your full focus is on the taste and aroma of dishes, allowing a more rounded appreciation of flavours and textures. Dans Le Noir is also significant in terms of its social impact: the waiters at the restaurant are visually impaired individuals who act as your personal guides. Now that’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Bunga Bunga:

The Covent Garden bar and pizzeria is boisterously Italian with an over-the-top interior design (a speedboat converted into a table, anyone?), unique live music and shows (including cabarets), and Mafiosi who come by to your table once in a while (actors, of course!). Bunga Bunga also boasts delicious food; Pizza is served by the metre, cocktails are shaped as the heads of Balotelli and The Godfather, and the entertainment options are varied, from the chance to be the front man of the bar-restaurant’s live band to pizza-making lessons. Bunga Bunga promises a distinct and interesting experience – make a reservation sooner rather than later!


Without doubt, when it comes to quirky, cool restaurants in London – this Mayfair venue’s creative concept has everyone talking – any well-intentioned estate agent London would never fail to mention two michelin star’s Sketch when inquired on the city’s most eclectic restaurants! How would you feel about a mostly pink restaurant whose walls are splashed with 200 cartoonish drawings and prints (by award-winning visual artist David Shrigley, no less), where you’re attended to by tea masters in cocktail dresses and baseball shoes, served caviar and egg (whose yolk has been cooked to a precise 63 degrees) by a man in a pink linen suit and Panama hat, and when you go to the restroom – find loos shaped like eggs (or maybe futuristic space pods??) that play bird song music…? We hope that you will make an afternoon tea reservation at Sketch this weekend.

Bob Bob Ricard:

Although the ‘Press for Champagne’ button is the centrepiece of Bob Bob Ricard’s eclectic experience, you are likely to be equally impressed with the restaurant’s super-glitzy gold and brass décor and uniformed attendants, all of which exudes vintage glamour. When fine dining in the dining room, you can enjoy British and Russian cuisine, although you can also count on drinking champagne simply because the pressto-order button is so irresistible. No wonder Bob Bob Ricard serves more champagne than any other restaurant in the country.

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Hopefully, this answers your questions on ‘Quirky restaurants in London’ – enjoy and let us know how you get on – do you know any quirky London restaurants you would like to recommend?

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