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Simple Workouts to do at Home - yoga

Simple Workouts to do at Home

THE QUARANTINE GYM – 5 simple workouts to do at home and keep you motivated

Within the space of a week, the world seems to have turned on its head and in turn replaced our normal daily ritual (for most (myself included..)) with one of inactivity. Our lifestyle at the moment might be a little more confined, but being stuck at home indefinitely doesn’t mean that we have to become lazy! We’ve all had that feeling coming back from a holiday where your work ethic seems to have briefly done a runner, a forgotten computer password here and there.. BUT it’s not all doom and gloom. There is one sure way of making sure that when we do emerge from this, we will be able to step back into our normal daily lives without too much effort and this is through the simple use of routine and workouts.

The change in normality means that it’s not just important to keep ourselves in physical shape because of inactivity, but the isolation that many are now experiencing means that it’s equally important to look after our mental health. We all know that exercise releases endorphins and makes you happy (I think these guys above would agree with that check out those grins), so if you have that nagging anxiety that you’re about to complete Netflix and don’t know what will come next, look no further!

In normal circumstances, some already choose to go to the gym, whilst others might treat the outdoors’ like their very own gym as they jog through the local park. Many won’t know the meaning of the word exercise because it’s never something they’ve needed or been interested in. But combine our newfound restrictions on movement with our lack of routine and it seems that now is as good a time as any to dig out that old sweatband (if you don’t have one, then a tea towel will do).

So without further ado, here are 5 of the best exercise videos / guides on the internet which you can follow easily at home:

1 – Kayla Itsines – Full body workout

For anyone who wants to start with a baby step. Click below and Kayla will kindly guide you from start to finish on how to make sure your whole body is getting the activity that it needs. This one should last you 28 minutes which might make you seat before you’ve even started, but don’t worry, this is mercifully split into 4, 7 minute circuits.

2 – POP Pilates for Beginners – Total body workout

Something different here for anyone who would rather get their muscles loosened than their heart racing. Our instructor Cassey show’s us how to stretch everything out, leaving you refreshed and relaxed afterwards. Created by a guy called Joseph Pilates in the 20’s, his namesake exercise has been helping people to improve their flexibility and rehabilitate sore muscles / joints ever since.

3 – Centr – By some guy called Chris Hemsworth

Thor now steps up to show you how to get those endorphins flowing. His ‘Centr’ programme will get you started with a 6 week free trial in which you can follow instructional videos on how to reach the highest levels of fitness, from the comfort of your own home. Couple this with an easy to follow meal plan and you can avenge your motivation in no time at all…..

4 – Joe Wicks

Everyone’s favourite home instructional workout guide / healthy meal prep cookbook author, Joe Wicks, is stepping in here with his advice to keep you on track. Just part 1 of 7, this video will be your stepping stone away from high cholesterol and by the end that may feel like a heart attack, but in fact it’s your body saying thanks.

5 – Richard Simmons – Sweatin’ to the oldies II

Watched all of these videos and feel like you’re the only one wearing that sweatband? Comfort in number is your answer here as we introduce you to Richard and his lycra clad, sweatband endowed army. A touch of Nostalgia here for those who are in this for the long haul.. Get to the end and just an hour later you’ll feel sprightly and may have grown some sort of afro / moustache.

A comprehensive guide here courtesy of GLP’s health and fitness guru’s…. Try to do a little every day, mix these routines and different exercise techniques throughout the week and you’ll have all the energy you need to step back into normal life again very soon.

Blog by Marcus Williams​, Senior Property Consultant

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