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Soho: From Edgy to Trendy

Soho: From Edgy to Trendy

With its central location in the Westend of London, Soho is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in the city. It has always been full of character thanks to its bustling street markets, diverse population and variety of cuisines. Although 30 years ago, those who ventured out to explore the streets of Soho and loved a bit of unpredictability in the air would vouch for the area’s electric atmosphere.

Fast forward to 2018 and Soho is a clean-cut neighbourhood with a number of boutique shops, restaurants, clubs, bars and LGBT-friendly destinations. The regeneration of Soho, which previously housed the city’s original red light district, is attracting a steady stream of home buyers and renters. Any estate agent Soho will tell you how the neighbourhood’s makeover has opened it up to a much wider audience of tenants and buyers across ages and nationalities, even attracting creatives from posh areas of Chelsea and Kensington seeking a more exciting and interesting place to live.

Prices here increased 30% between 2012 and 2014; as property prices in the city’s most expensive areas dropped last year, Soho witnessed a price growth, outperforming Notting Hill and Kensington, which would be unimaginable even a few years ago. Soho estate agents Greater London Properties point to the value the neighbourhood offers: even as it experienced capital growth, Soho offers a much affordable entry point compared to its neighbours. Anyone who has been shut out by pricey asking prices in high-end neighbourhoods should definitely have a look at properties for rent in Soho and Covent Garden.

Soho’s update and upgrade may seem best-suited to younger tenants, who will benefit from reliable transport links, including the new Crossrail on Soho’s northern border at Tottenham Court Road station, however we’re finding people of all ages are keen to move to the area and enjoy what is has to offer. With food, entertainment, theatre, adult shops on one hand, a convivial atmosphere, safe streets, exclusive shopping opportunities, Grade II listed properties and rejuvenated buildings balancing the old with the new, Soho is a winner all the way. Despite its transformation, Soho is not a gentrified boring mess, a reason why Arcadia Missa gallery has chosen to move here from Peckham.

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