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Moving to Kings Cross? Read This First

King’s Cross has not always been a top residential area in London, but that has all changed in recent years. Today it is one of the most vibrant, newly regenerated areas in the city, which has turned it into one of the capital’s most desirable locations. While it may be well-known for King’s Cross St Pancras station, there’s a lot more on offer in this area for both locals and tourists alike.

Why Live in King’s Cross?

There are several reasons to consider a property in King’s Cross. First of all is the excellent location of this area. Right in Central London in the boroughs of Camden and Islington, King’s Cross is bordered by University College London and Tavistock Place to the south, York Way to the north, and Stanhope Street to the west. It has excellent connections including King’s Cross Station, which connects London to the North of the UK, along with Underground connections to the rest of the city. St Pancras International transport hub is also nearby, connecting London Underground lines with two national rail stations and international high-speed Eurostar trains where you can begin direct journeys from London to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

What’s There to Do Near Judd Street King’s Cross?

While King’s Cross has not been historically known as a residential area of London, it is now home to an increasing number of residential properties. There is also a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment and attractions, with plenty of exciting things to do in the area including Cartwright Gardens, Platform 9 ¾ and the Harry Potter Shop at King’s Cross Station, the Coal Drops Yard shopping and foodie hotspot, and the iconic Meeting Place at St Pancras.

Why Buy King’s Cross Apartments Camley Street Natural Park for Sale?

King’s Cross is now home to an eclectic mixture of properties that are available including renovated warehouse buildings, Victorian and Georgian properties, and new builds and developments. The area is already home to several new residential buildings, new streets, and new public squares that were added during the renovation period to turn King’s Cross into a desirable place to live. The area is expected to welcome thousands of new homes, more public squares and parks, and more office space in the near future. Investing in King’s Cross property now is a wise idea, with the area set to undergo further renovations in the future that will likely drive property value up even further, whether you are looking to sell on or rent out. In addition, Camley Street is a great place to purchase your own residential home due to the excellent transport links, new green spaces added to King’s Cross, and the wide range of things to see and do in this vibrant area.

What’s the Transport Like for King’s Cross Birkenhead Street?

With King’s Cross St Pancras right on the doorstep, Birkenhead Street in King’s Cross is one of the best places to live in Central London if you are looking for the best transport connections. Along with the many bus connections and Underground services that are available, you are also close to national rail connections to most of the UK from King’s Cross and travelling abroad has never been easier with the Eurostar just around the corner. Whether you simply enjoy travelling and want your journeys to be easier than ever, or are a business traveller with frequent work trips out of the country, King’s Cross is a very convenient location when it comes to getting around.

Why Rent a Large Double Room Street Property in King’s Cross?

If you are looking to rent a property in London, double rooms available in King’s Cross are an excellent opportunity for students and professionals alike. If you are currently studying in London, living in King’s Cross is an ideal choice, and it is home to many students currently studying at University College London, with the campus located nearby. Shared properties are some of the most popular rental options in this area and being located right in the middle of the action makes them an ideal choice for students. King’s Cross Station is just a short distance away making it an ideal place to live if you want to go home and visit family regularly. The area is home to several fantastic bars, restaurants, cafes, and food markets that seriously appeal to students with lots of budget-friendly options for London.

Is King’s Cross Frederick Street in the Congestion Charge Zone?

Being aware of the Congestion Charge Zone is vital if you are planning to visit or move to London with a car. The Congestion Charge Zone covers the majority of central London including Fitzrovia, Clerkenwell, Bloomsbury, Mayfair and Holborn. King’s Cross Station is located just outside of the congestion zone; however, the charges may apply depending on where you live or are visiting in the area. The University of London is located just on the border of the congestion charge zone, while Islington and The Angel are just outside of it.

If you need to travel through the congestion charge zone while visiting or living in King’s Cross, you will need to pay a fee of £15, which is payable between 7 am and 10 pm except on Christmas Day. You may also need to pay the Ultra Low Emission Zone charge if your vehicle does not meet ULEZ standards. If you do not pay the congestion zone charge, you will receive a fine. The fee can be paid in advance or you can set up autopay to receive a discount. Residents who are registered as living within the zone can apply for a 50% discount. You do not need to pay the congestion charge if you drive a car that is exempt from paying road tax.

King’s Cross is one of the most up-and-coming areas to live in London, with millions spent on development so far and even more to come. If you’re looking for a vibrant location with great travel connections, this could be the one.


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