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Business as UNusual Live - The Fore Interview

Business as UNusual Live – The Fore Interview

Business as UNusual Live – Interview with Hannah Lanel from The Fore

An inspirational talk with Hannah Lanel from The Fore.

We are supporting local businesses that have been affected by the coronavirus lockdown. To shine a light on all of the fabulous businesses that make up our vibrant West End, we have started a Facebook group, Central London’s Lockdown Support Network, to connect businesses and local residents.

The Fore is much more than just a simple gym, and focuses on general wellbeing, combining fitness classes with alternative medicines and social events. To founder Hannah and her team, wellness is not just about “going to the gym” but also feeling mentally, emotionally and socially fit.

They opened this multi-use space in June 2019 and have found a great community in Kings Cross, health-focused but always up for social meet ups!

Switching to digital has been one of the biggest challenges they have faced so far but it seems they have managed to adapt pretty well offering free live classes and continuing their book club events on Zoom!

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