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Three Bedroom Maisonette at Devonshire Street Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this oqP2dsSc5bA video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Hello, hello. So today I'm on Devonshire room use. So it's cobbled news and you can see that behind me is Devonshire Street. We are going to see a three-bedroom apartment with its private entrances, three-bedroom Mesonet, Brady with an extra room. So it's a three bedroom plus study. We are in the news right now and the flat is that one. So the entrance is just behind me here. That that's the main door.

And there is also a car park, 24 hours, just in front of it. Which means get security as there's always someone on site. Let's go and check it now.

In front of you, is the dining kitchen, very spacious kitchen.

Is u shaped and you have space for a table right here.

Loads of storage. Their washing machine, is also a dryer, and this is the dishwasher.

Got electric Cardinal then and

This is your fridge believer. To the right here is one of the three bedrooms. All bedrooms are really good side, so they're all double bedrooms, so they absolutely perfect for duris errors, for example.

Yes, I'm going to open up for you.

I see some space and you have those shells on the right as well. You can use maybe fit a just two drawers just beneath it going that way is the reception room. So as you can see, the contractors have left their stuff here. So they just need to get them back and that will be clear there just for painted a whole flat. And this is the reception room. So it overlooks the

Used and it has a small balcony and which is very much enjoyable during the summer, see?

This is the balcony here. So you have space to fit like a small table and a Futures some plants if you want to the reception here.

Going that way. Well actually, let's go back here. Check the bathroom. So it's one bathroom, but its eyes and its with a bathtub.

The inside. So the rear hand, you have the extra room here, which is not a bedroom because it is quite small. You could be tiny, small, single bedroom, but I think it would be ideal as a office space or storage walk-in wardrobe. Anything really just an additional room. And here we have. Hi

I'm get stories that I'll just open that. So we've got shelves.

And to the right and to the left, the two of the bedrooms. So let's start. Great storage space. They're all have built-in storage. So that


No windows in this one, but a nice big Skylight. So you get plenty of light lights are off at the moment and it's very bright and them out of this.

She is again, similar terms of size.

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