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Must-Visit Places in Bloomsbury

Three Must-Visit Places in Bloomsbury for New Residents

Current residents who have completed their search for properties to buy in Bloomsbury and made the move recently may not wait long to explore the best of what this lovely neighbourhood has to offer. Bloomsbury, which mainly attracts academics, students, professionals and private buyers, is known for its rustic ambiance and cultural wealth thanks to numerous cafes, pubs, museums and galleries. Here are three of the many attractions chosen by our estate agent Bloomsbury for new residents:

Three Must-Visit Places in Bloomsbury

British Museum
A full 900,000 square feet of natural history and art collections and artefacts – 8 million in all – make British Museum the most significant one of its kind in the country. The museum’s major venues are free to all visitors, while some special events and exhibitions, which are held throughout the year, charge a nominal fee. Among the incredible objects of interest in the museum are the Colossal Horse from Halikarnassos, Assyrian lion hunt reliefs, 196BC Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Sculptures, Oxus Treasure, Lewis Chessmen and Mummy of Katebet.

The Lamb
The Lamb is the quintessential British pub with a Victorian heritage and an association with the famous Bloomsbury Set. It has dollops of old-fashioned charm, a hospitable environment, reasonably priced drinks and a sumptuous menu of steak and kidney pie, Shepherd’s pie, Gammon triple cut chips, black pudding and grilled fish pie, among other culinary delights. If you want to tell your friends that you had beer at the same place that Charles Dicken’s enjoyed a few, The Lamb should be on your list of ‘must-visit places’ in the very first month of exploring Bloomsbury!

Farmers’ market
Open every Thursday from 9am to 2pm, Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market offers an eclectic mix of cuisines served fresh. From the traditional Indian breakfast dish of dosa and fresh pasta and gnocchi with a variety of pasta sauces and pestos, to pizzas, doughnuts and artisan foods, the variety doesn’t disappoint. You can walk around, find your spot on benches and empty nooks, or head to Gordon Square and bask in lovely park views as you dig into your hot lunch.

Anyone from Hackney moving across to rent a property in Bloomsbury very soon can look forward to Neptune at The Principal London hotel in Russell Square. The restaurant is expected to feature the same seafood flavours that made Hackney’s The Richmond the go-to place for raw seafood and oysters.

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