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St. James’s is a prestigious and luxurious area of London and those looking for apartments to rent in St. James’s will enjoy living in an area that has a lot of old wealth. It’s clear to see that St. James’s is a very rich area of London with a prestigious local culture and a rather high cost of living compared to other locations. If you want to create a life for yourself in one of the most highly-esteemed areas of London and rub shoulders with royalty, our apartments to rent St. James’s might be ideal for you.

Why an Apartment in St. James’s?

Seen by many as ‘the place to be’, St. James’s is home to some of the most gorgeous properties in London and there are some beautiful apartments to rent near St. James’s to choose from, many of which are located in converted period mansions and grand homes from the past. Many of the properties in St. James’s are owned by England’s upper class and aristocracy, and it’s an area often frequented by the Royal Family thanks to St. James’s Palace.

The Palace:

St. James’s apartments to rent are located close by to the central London palace that the area is named for. Today, St. James’s Palace is a very important working palace for the British Royal Family, with many of the royals still using it as their main base in the capital. The history of the palace itself dates back to even before Buckingham Palace, built in 1531 by Henry VIII. However, the palace only began to be used on a regular basis by the British Royals when Queen Victoria made it her home in 1837. Today, the palace is both a royal residence and office space. It is home to the headquarters of many royal branches like the Queen’s Watermen, Royal Collection Trust and the Gentlemen at Arms.

What’s There to Do in St. James’s?

St. James’s is a very affluent and well-to-do area and this is reflected in the range and type of things to do that are on offer. There are several distinguished gentlemen’s clubs in St. James’s where men from the aristocracy, military, and various influential businesses spend time. Those who enjoy shopping will love the high-end boutiques and stores here; it’s definitely an area that places much more value on quality rather than quantity with little chance of finding anything cheaply made or mass-produced. Antique shops can be the perfect place to find hidden gems and real pieces of history that you won’t find anywhere else, and there are several distinguished craftsmen like cigar makers and tailors. St. James’s is also the home of the Queen; Buckingham Palace is located here.


Apartments to rent St. James’s benefit from being close to excellent transport links into the city. Those looking to move here benefit from St. James’s Park Underground Station which is easy to reach and serves the Circle and District lines heading to either Victoria or Westminster. St. James’s also has excellent bus connections with regular services running into and around the city. On the north border, Soho is in easy reach, with vibrant nightlife and social activities to enjoy.

Getting into and around the city of London is easy from St. James’s with excellent transport links. Those looking apartments for rent in St. James’s will find St. James’s Park Underground Station in easy reach, serving the Circle and District Lines and located between Westminster and Victoria stations. There are also several local bus connections into and around the city. The area is also close to Soho, on the north border. It is bordered by popular London areas such as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Green Park and Whitehall Court.

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