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In many ways, Bayswater is a microcosm of London. The distinct character of the area makes it appeal to an equally diverse range of people. It is one of the most cosmopolitan and most liveable districts in London.

Why Live In Bayswater?

If you value diversity and you want to live in a cosmopolitan area, flats to rent in Bayswater are some of the best in London. London, as a whole, is a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures. But even in a city as diverse as London, Bayswater stands out for the range of people and cultures represented in the district. Bayswater also has a distinct character in terms of its architecture. There are flats to rent Bayswater that are situated in beautiful converted Victorian houses.

If you are passionate about food, Bayswater is one of the best places to live. Because there are so many different backgrounds and cultured represented in the district, there is a demand for a cornucopia of ingredients and food from around the world. You can find just about any kind of food that you could want available in Bayswater.

What Is There To Do In Bayswater?

Bayswater is only a short walk from Hyde Park. Directly south of Bayswater is Kensington Palace and Gardens, which are adjoined to Hyde Park. Having Hyde Park on your doorstep is a real boon in a city like London where many people struggle to find open green spaces to enjoy. For many people, flats to rent near Bayswater are worth more because they are so near to the park.

Access to Hyde Park also makes Bayswater a great place to raise a family. Hyde Park hosts a variety of events throughout the year. These can make for a fantastic family day out.

Getting Around:

There are three Tube stations in Bayswater. All three stations are within easy walking distance of one another. Paddington and its famous station are to the easy of Bayswater. From Paddington, it is easy to access the rest of London and the UK. Hyde Park Corner station is also only a short and pleasant walk away.

For those who find the Tube a bit too claustrophobic, there’s plenty of bus routes that pass through Bayswater and the surrounding area.


The focal point of Bayswater’s retail sector is Whiteley’s shopping centre. The centre is modestly-size and houses a decent range of shops. However, Whiteley’s is worth visiting even if you have no intention of visiting any of the shops within. The building itself has a very distinct architectural style. The interior of Whiteley’s is also decorated beautifully.

Bayswater flats to rent put London’s famous West End a stone’s throw away. All it takes is a short Tube journey or slightly longer walk to reach the heart of the action. The West End offers every kind of entertainment you could want.

Cost Of Living:

Bayswater is expensive, even by London standards. However, it is what you would expect from a district in the City of Westminster. In fact, flats for rent in Bayswater tend to be much better value than those in the surrounding area.

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