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Covent Garden has no trouble attracting crowds of shoppers and tourists. However, most people overlook its potential as a place to live. Most of the properties in Covent Garden are commercial premises, but there are also some fantastic residential properties waiting for you to discover them.

Why Live In Covent Garden?

Covent Garden has something of a chequered past. The fruit and veg market, which moved elsewhere in the mid-70s, was Covent Garden’s biggest draw for quite some time. Over the last 50 years or so, Covent Garden has undergone a radical transformation. While the famous market has now gone, numerous modern Retail Outlets have taken its place. Most people think of Covent Garden as a commercial area. Some people don't even realise that it also contains residential properties.

Many of the flats to rent in Covent Garden are located above retail premises. There are also some flats to rent Covent Garden that are located in residential buildings. In either case, living in Covent Garden puts you at the heart of the action.

What Is There To Do In Covent Garden?

There is plenty to do in Covent Garden. Covent Garden offers one of the best shopping experiences in London. Flats to rent near Covent Garden are a fantastic choice for anyone who values having as many shops as possible on their doorstep.

The famous market may have departed some years ago. However, the area where the market sat is now occupied by a range of modern shops and restaurants.

Covent Garden is also famous for its many street performers and human statues. They make wandering around the streets of Covent Garden a unique experience.

Getting Around:

With its own Tube station, getting from Covent Garden to the rest of London is quick and easy. You can take the Piccadilly line for easy access to Heathrow Airport and King’s Cross station. Just south of Covent Garden is Charing Cross rail and Tube stations.

If you prefer to take the bus, there are plenty of bus routes that pass Covent Gardens, and numerous bus stops on the perimeter of the area.


Other than the myriad shops and restaurants located within Covent Garden, there’s also the Royal Opera House and the London Film Museum. If you head south from Covent Garden to Embankment, you will find the British Film Institute cinema. Covent Garden flats to rent are ideal for film lovers.

There are three theatres located on the eastern edge of Covent Garden, the Savoy Theatre, the Lyceum Theatre, and the Novello Theatre.

Cost Of Living:

The price of flats for rent in Covent Garden can vary quite a lot. Many of the properties available in Covent Garden are located above retail premises. Living above a shop can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your preferences, but Covent Garden is a fair bit cheaper than surrounding areas such as Soho.

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