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Fitzrovia straddles the line where two of London's most desirable boroughs meet. But these two boroughs, Camden and the City of Westminster, are very different places.

Why Live In Fitzrovia?

Fitzrovia is in an excellent location, literally. It marks the boundary between the London Borough of Camden and The City of Westminster. This location puts many London landmarks and experiences on the doorsteps of flats to rent in Fitzrovia. Residents of Fitzrovia enjoy easy access to retail, healthcare, education, and residential properties. Because of this, Fitzrovia is one of the most unconventional areas of London. It attracts all sorts of people.

Fitzrovia’s bohemian reputation has been a draw for the last century. As a result, there is a range of buildings of historical interest in Fitzrovia that reflect the diverse makeup of the area. One of Fitzrovia’s central claims to fame is that it is the place where Bob Dylan played his first ever UK gig.

Today, Fitzrovia is up there with the best of London’s arts hotspots. Artists and unique personalities have sought out Fitzrovia since the mid-1920s, and the trend has continued until today. If you are an aspiring creative professional, flats to rent near Fitzrovia are well worth considering.

What Is There To Do In Fitzrovia?

Fitzrovia is home to London’s famous Tottenham Court Road. In the days before high-speed broadband was standard, Tottenham Court Road was the place to buy electronics and components. There are still many of these independent electronics traders and retailers today. However, the Internet has made them less of a necessity than they once were. Today, most of the area has converted to more conventional retail outlets and coffee shops.

That said, if you are into electronics as a hobby, it remains one of the most reliable spots to buy equipment and meet like-minded people. Geeks still value flats to rent Fitzrovia above alternatives because of the access they provide to this scene.

Getting Around:

Fitzrovia doesn’t contain any Underground or Overground stations. However, flats for rent in Fitzrovia put several stations within easy reach. North-east of Fitzrovia is Euston Station, one of the biggest in London. Further away, but still within easy walking reach, is St Pancras, Marylebone, Paddington, and Kings Cross.

Tottenham Court Road also borders Fitzrovia. Some people consider Tottenham Court Road to be a part of Fitzrovia, but this remains contentious. In either case, the eponymous Tube station is easily accessible to flats for rent in Fitzrovia.


Fitzrovia is close to Camden, which has a thriving arts scene and multiple music venues. The City of Westminster also has a plethora of clubs and restaurants.

However, within Fitzrovia itself, the only real entertainment is art galleries. Art aficionados will find plenty to do, though.

Cost Of Living:

Fitzrovia flats to rent can be relatively expensive compared to the rest of London. However, properties on the Westminster side tend to be more costly than those on the Camden side.

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