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Mayfair is famous for being the most expensive property in the UK version of the game Monopoly. However, the area is the embodiment of luxury. It is one of the most upmarket districts in any city in the world.

Why Live In Mayfair?

Mayfair is adjacent to both Hyde Park and Green Park. If you want to live within a stones’ throw of Buckingham Palace, Mayfair is a great choice. It is one of the most expensive and affluent districts in the world, but flats to rent in Mayfair are among the most desirable properties in the world. Regent Street, Park Lane, Oxford Street, and Piccadilly form the borders of Mayfair.

As well as being home to some of the most sought-after properties in all of London, Mayfair is also home to numerous commercial developments and office blocks. Another reason to consider flats to rent in Mayfair is that there is a diverse range of local employment opportunities on your doorstep. Mayfair used to contain upper-class housing mostly. But while the area has remained affluent, that housing has largely been replaced with commercial properties. Many of the flats to rent near Mayfair occupy converted homes. There are flats to rent Mayfair located within some stunning buildings.

What Is There To Do In Mayfair?

Living in Mayfair puts Oxford Street on your doorstep. Oxford Street is world-renowned and is the busiest shopping district in Europe. There are around 300 shops on Oxford Street alone, and these are far from the only shops located in and around Mayfair. Bond Street, another famous shopping street, is also within Mayfair. It connects Piccadilly and Oxford Street.

Mayfair is also renowned for the many upmarket hotels in the area. Among these are big names like The Ritz and Claridge’s. If you enjoy wandering the streets of London and seeing all the sights and landmarks it has to offer, Mayfair is one of the best areas to go walking in. It is a safe area, and there are multiple famous landmarks in and around Mayfair.

Getting Around:

Mayfair doesn’t contain any Tube stations. However, there are multiple stations within easy walking distance of Mayfair. It is easy to get from Mayfair to the rest of London. But thanks to Mayfair’s central location at the heart of Westminster, most people will have everything they need on their doorstep.


There are multiple museums and galleries within Mayfair. The area attracts art collectors and dealers in equal measure.

The Burlington Arcade shopping centre is also in Mayfair and provides a more affordable alternative to shopping on Oxford Street. The Burlington Arcade building is also an impressive sight.

Cost Of Living:

Mayfair is one of the most expensive districts in the world, not just in London. There is no getting around it; Mayfair is a costly place to live. Mayfair flats to rent are among the most desirable in the world, so they are worth the high asking price. There are lots of expensive upmarket shops in Mayfair, but flats for rent in Mayfair also provide access to regular shops and supermarkets.

Mayfair is one of the best places in the world to live in. Use our online search tool to look through our available properties in Mayfair. You can book a viewing of any of our Mayfair rental properties online today.

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