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If you’re looking to live in an up and coming area of London and want to find a studio to rent, Bloomsbury could be an ideal location for you. Bloomsbury has enjoyed an increase in interest in properties to rent in recent years, thanks to a residential overhaul. And, there are many reasons to consider a studio to rent in Bloomsbury. This gorgeous area of London enjoys several fantastic things to do nearby and some of the best transport links into the capital.

Why Live in Bloomsbury?

A studio for rent in Bloomsbury could be the perfect option for you if you want to live in an upper-class, stylish area of London. Bloomsbury is well-known for its cultural attractions, brilliant architecture, amazing healthcare options and rich literary heritage. It’s well-known for being very upper-class and well-to-do.

Restaurants and Dining in Bloomsbury:

If you love food, a studio to rent near Bloomsbury will be ideal for you since this is known to be one of the best areas in the capital for fine dining. There are tons of excellent restaurants to choose from with a huge range of delicious world cuisines to choose from. If you enjoy vintage restaurants and food cooked by Michelin-starred chefs, Bloomsbury will be the perfect option for you. There are some amazing well-preserved buildings that are home to some of the most popular restaurants in the area such as The Lamb, which really does make you feel like you have stepped into a time machine. If you prefer something more modern and chic, the Bloomsbury Wine Bar is a firm favourite.

Things to Do in Bloomsbury:

Bloomsbury is the perfect area for anybody who enjoys quieter and more intellectual entertainment. It is certainly not the heart and soul of the party scene in London, but what it lacks in clubs and dancing is certainly made up for with the awesome range of museums and other interesting things to do in the area. You can easily access the world-famous British Museum with its eight million different cultural, historical and art exhibits that can easily keep you hooked for days.


A Bloomsbury studio to rent is the perfect choice for anybody who needs a convenient commute to anywhere in the city of London. Bloomsbury is quite centrally located, providing quick access to some of the major transport hubs in London including Euston Station and Kings Cross St Pancras. You can easily reach Russell Square where you can find even more transport links, and livelier London areas like Camden are a short walk away, which is ideal for anybody looking for more of a party scene.

If you’d like to live in a quieter, more intellectual area of London that’s popular with students and creatives, Bloomsbury could be the perfect choice for you. Its close proximity to Camden means that those who prefer a mixture of museums and livelier entertainment find this an ideal area to live. And, Bloomsbury is one of the most gorgeous areas in the city with some stunning properties on offer.

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