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Two bedroom apartments on Frith Street, London Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this zlGclwWXa9c video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

So, here we have a lovely, two bedroom apartments on Frist streets, which is right in the heart of Soho as quite recently refurbished all the way through as well. So, it looks feels quite fresh when you're in here. Quite a big space as well. Split over two floors, which we'll explore in a second. But you come into the flat through this front door here, you got an entry system on the wall as you come in. The bathroom is in front of us, bedrooms around this way. And then the kitchen reception room upstairs through this store, but if we start in here on the top floor here,

Up on the third and the fourth floor. So it's very bright nicely. Little way through lovely finish on the spot from as well. You've got a heated towel rail, walking shower storage under the sink and above it as well and of course frosted glass on the window that just all very nicely. Put together, bedroom one is in here. So they're both a pretty decent size, plenty of room, for whatever you really need. You've got your wardrobes set aside here, but if you did need the extra space that

Of the chest of drawers or something. You could quite easily along this wall TV on top perhaps. And basically, anything else that you wanted to add as well and this is the view onto frith Street.

Itself. See, now it's through this way. We have a dream too. So bigger

But again, very nicely done. Loads of room in here. Once more for whatever you want to see ads on the side, let's give you here. We've got sunshine beaming over in sort of late afternoon evening, right through this way into this massive space here.

Now, I heading upstairs to this way up onto the top floor.

We've got this big open plan space here which is really nice. So the kitchen area set over on this side and then the actual living space just over here. But wooden flooring upstairs as well. Plenty of storage, all the way down there. The furniture is quite classy as well. Quite often when you come to these places around, see if it's Furniture. That's already been added tends to be just really sort of cheap and tacky but you got a nice touch like this old wooden table, for example, some of the different

Again, looking over on to Fourth Street out this way.

And then for the kitchen itself, you have your Hopper which is electric fridge, down the end, your washing machine, tucked away on that side and then you've got this little breakfast bar area with storage all the way along underneath as well. And just to, you know, come here, you've got the water tank and then a bit more storage at the top, as well. It's like the great flat really well put together. Our property managers are based locally as well, so you'll be well looked after while you're here.

And yeah, just a really good space. Was she right in the heart of Soho. So if you do want more information, just reach out the number is zero two zero seven, seven three, four, four zero six two,

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