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So here we are for the governmental of this lovely. Little studio apartments which is right in the center of the West End on Berwick Street in SoHo. So I'm going to start basically in the main room, but my name is Marcus from greater London properties. We responsible for blessing this flat out. And if you do have any questions afterwards, you can, of course get in touch via the app or via our website at ease.

Code of UK. So just to have a brief run through. This one is on the second floor of the building within easy walking, distance of Piccadilly Circus in Oxford Circus. Station's, main features are an abundance of natural light, so I mean, it's a big space. But you do have a Terrace area which is just down that way. And then also a large window over this side as well. But beautifully finished, wooden floor.

All the way through, as you see, it's up to the bathroom, That's Where It's At tiled. But the best thing about this flat is how you can divide the space up. So it's 277 square feet all together. But you've got a bedroom area over this way. So your bed could come out from the wall on this side. For example, and as I said the outside space, it's just tucked away over here.

So, you just door opens up.

You've got this little area out here room for one chair say. But obviously, for a studio pretty generous, especially around here and just a nice place to get some fresh air, some natural light coming in. And then if we look back this way, you can see where you would have your actual living space. So the kitchen is off to the left hand side there but you've got plenty of room for. So for a coffee table TV in the corner perhaps and then maybe another a dining table as well just over on this corner. So have we you want it to arrange it?

It will be pretty easy to set up. We'll have a browser on the kitchen in a second. I'll just give you a few this window. So this looks down Duck Lane.

So you're heading down that street to the right is Water Street. And then to the left is Berwick for yourself again floor-to-ceiling. You can open this up as well. To get some fresh air in here and just a nice big window. Always good to have natural light pouring in. Now for the kitchen space itself again, as an up-to-date lovely and modern.

Fully fitted to in this corner, we have your fridge or the freezer draw over on this side, the washer, which is a dryer as well. So it's all built in and then storage.

All the way along there, as you can see in these cupboards built in, and then again along the top there, but the storage carries on in here. So, in this cupboard, we have the water tank on the left.

I need some shelves and a long hanging rail over on that side.

So plenty of room. But again, you know, if you need to add some more storage space in the actual room itself, you've got room around the edges there for an extra wardrobe a cupboard for example. So you can really play with the space in here. Now, coming through this way, this leads to the front door of the. Let yourself right there.

As you come in on the right hand side, you have your entry system so that's got video on it as well. So you can both people are from downstairs and tucked away on the right hand side immediately, as you come in here, is the bathroom. So, again, that modern theme continues. You got a big walk-in shower. On the left hand side here,

Pause for in again, and then just storage behind the sink. But, yeah, just a generally. Well, finish flat all the way through it is not just a case of, you know, the landlord putting in a lot of effort. Once you're in the flat, you are very well at after to. So your property managers are base not far away at all, managed by a company out sourced by the landlord. So they're specifically there to do

Job. So, you've got the property manager, assigned to this flight individually, so you should be dealing with them all the way through rather than having to go through different people, each time, and they've also got an out of hours emergency line as well. So, very well put together flat. Well, it's after 2:00 and it's ready to go as soon as you're ready to move in, which is gonna completely referencing. So, if this is something that you like, the look of you can reach out, we can book physical viewings in. If you like, it doesn't have to be by video, but if you want to do it that way as well, we can and will get

The process started, we have an online offer form to get the everything moving. It's very quick and easy. So it's secured a new flat for yourself, is now an easier process than ever, basically? Then of course, there's a lot of choice. So if this is something you do want to inquire, unless know, you can reach us on 020 7734 for 0-60 all via the website, and we'll be happy to help.

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