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[Video] Flat at Wimpole Street, London Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this B9p245VzzMg video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Hi. I am on a per wimpole Street, beautiful Street. Here's to Burnt with beautiful buildings and this is behind me where we are going. We going on the third floor to see a three-bedroom flat. Let's go and get in

When you open the front door, you get into.

A very nice ending.

Good space here.

It's been repainted recently, is it still smells of pain and then we ha we have a first bedroom here.

With overdose of built-in storage there.

Dumbledore wardrobe.

Across the whole another bedroom.


There is a secondary glazing here. Factoring it is facing the street. Very nice view back into the lending. Institution is a very good storage space. You can hang your coats here. Shoe rack.

This leads to the second bedroom. She's the biggest.

Two large Windows both, we second relating.

And things out of here. All rooms, share my bathroom pretty tired. Just been redecorated swell

Yeah, the folder is so you do get a little bit of space on the side.

Getting into the reception great size reception room, really, really nice. Perfect for entertaining.

Again, second reglazing this is at the back so get a nice view too and it's fairly quiet. It's super quiet, actually.

To the left.

This is the kitchen.

Here, very modern newly fitted as well. So let's open it. You have

Fridge and freezer.

Two drawers here yet. And you've got your oven and hops which are induction.

Dishwashers here in storage there and you will show dryer.

And then the top is just storage everywhere.

So really nice cleaning. Wait.

And finally, an additional

Storage here.

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