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[Video] Harley Street, London 3 bedroom duplex Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this f-r1-izZ8Eg video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

First through here with a birthday which has been completely refurbished. Its brand new bit of storage here.

To clean windows that, you can always bring a toilet.

This is down to the entrance and then have a level again until the first Lending.

To the right is a good-sized bedroom, very bright. So we understood and fourth floor even on the street.

Bathroom here with shower shower room.

Can I finish?

And this cheese to a dressing area with built-in storage decent space.

So you have the bedroom area, the bed area, one side, which is kind of separated to the from the bathroom and dressing room.

Going back, home to The Landing. Then you enter another space here, which has another good-sized bedroom. So it's a normal double.

There is no built-in storage. In this particular bedroom, but just opens it. There are loads of cupboards so this could be a sort of dressing area as well. And this is another bedroom, which is very big and very bright with three large windows.

. Pictures it has been repainted throughout and it has a lot of character.

Just go up. Another half level, where we have a small room, which is a storage room. So this is not another bedroom. It's a tiny room which has storage and both sides, so that's quite practical. This is decent storage space with. This is where your brother is, that's the emergency boiler.

All right, you have a rail.

And additional shelves.

So this is perfect for storage.

And then going out for is the living space. So we have a beautiful reception room with a very unique Skylight large Windows. Nice views.

And get space.

To the next, we are going to the kitchen, so brand new refurbishment as well. It is, it has just been fitted.

In the kitchen. You have a bullshit dryer. Very good story today. Dishwasher, I don't know. This means a room here that you can use as a study when I was storage.

This has quite High ceilings and is quite bright. But studying, work perfectly, for the three bedrooms downstairs, and then, on this floor,

Face would be the guest bathroom with toilet and another bathtub.

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