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Good morning, and welcome everyone to a live video tour of this stunning remodeled one-bedroom house in Copper house. Soho I'm going to quickly show you outside of the door. So, it's going to be a little bit noisy, but just so, you get an idea of the street.

You are literally in the heart of Western which is phenomenal. Meaning you have to bring you back in. So we are at the heart of Soho short, walk away from theaters, restaurants bars and shops. You also have the amazing Food Market on Varick Street, which tastes delicious, which is a really nice uniqueness of Soho. The closest station is Piccadilly. Circus.

Nation which is a five-minute walk. You can also get the Piccadilly and bakley line from that you also have Leicester Square station. Tottenham Court, and Covent Garden station which is literally all a short walk away. So I think everyone's join us. I'm going to start the tour, as you can see. This is the first floor, so not many stairs to walk up, which is great. And you do have templates overall in this building. So, I'm going to open up this door and show you this amazing Flats.

So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to start panning around before I start walking on. So you get an idea of where it's like, especially what you can see on the floor plan which is on our website. So as soon as you come in and put this big massive window, which is amazing, so I'll bring in more natural light and then on my right, you have storage space.

And then kind of walking down the hallway first summer at, you have the bathroom bedroom and then you have the bathroom and then straight head, you have the open plan living area and kitchen. Now as you can see, I mean, just by walking here, just alone in the hallway. I mean, the standards are phenomenal. It's going to show you. The flooring mean, this is gorgeous. Wooden flooring throughout the flag which is phenomenal. I've got question from Tom.

Can how loud it is? Now, you aren't just free Avenue. You are in the heart of Soho. So it is a busy street. However, when they were actually doing the flat, they took that into consideration and I'm going to show you the rest of the windows, but you do have second you glazed Windows throughout the flat. And also, the perk of this flat is the bedroom is at the back of the building. So it's even more quiet and that's exactly what you want. I mean, nobody Minds a little bit of noise and living area even though the second you blazing does help, but it is super quiet in the

Room. So I'm going to start off in the hallway. First. As you can see, I did show you the storage in here. That actually one more time.

So, I mean, if you got suitcases, vacuum, can put everything in there, and this is the entrance to the flat.

And then you've got your whole way here. We also got a set of stairs to take you down, which is nice. And then, you have your video entry system here, which is fantastic. Just means that you can Buzz anybody up from downstairs instead of having to go all the way down and is a video entry system as well, and then start off in the bedroom.

This is your bedroom. Like I said, very quiet. You've got two windows here. Both second glaze. Got these gorgeous cast iron radiators. That again, is throughout the flat, so it has a nice character to it as well. Even the color of the walls are amazing. I think is like a duck, egg gray color but it fits in perfectly with the flat.

Just going to show you the space and then you have your wardrobe here.

Just going to open up your wardrobe.

She's got your hanging rail here, just go straight down. Also got shelving unit at the top and it's quite long as well as he can even put a safe and just like more storage space Source space at the bottom.

And it's nice that you've got. The automatic lights to come on too.

And as you can see, the windows are secondary glaze and it's super quiet in the bedroom.

Also, do you have a TV in poor areas? Well, so if you wanted to you could even put a TV on the wall which would be nice having a bedroom.

Great question from Sarah. So the square foot of the flat is 431 or 40 square meters, which I think is a great size for a one-bed flat. Thank you for that. Now, this is the stunning bathroom. I mean, as you can see no expense spared here, I mean, look how gorgeous the marble tiles are, which is exactly the same as it is on the floor to and you've got this gorgeous, like black trim and the shower, I mean, look how

Take this, look how big the showerhead is.

Very nice game for some utilitarian you toiletries in there and then you also have a mirror here when you can add more toiletries here to an army of that, they've actually added a bit more storage space at the bottom of the sink which is great. And you've got heated towel rail there as well.

And then, last but not least, we've got this gorgeous, open Planet, living area and kitchen. I mean, so much natural light pouring in with these big windows, again, II your glaze to and then you've got the kitchen just tucked away here which is really nice. I'm just going to show you the size.

I'm done. Living room kitchen. So what I would do here is I would probably put a TV on the wall because you've got your TV input here and then I would put you can put the sofa along here which kind of breaks up the kitchen or you could even put it at the back here. And if you're working from home, you even got a lot of section if you wanted to to put your desk here and I mean it's a great spot as well. Because again, you've got a lot of natural lighting here as well.

And I'm going to show you the kitchen. So, here you have your fridge with your mini freezer, you've got your gas hob, again, quite hard and fast hops in modern flat. So I know people prefer gas holds over electric hob. So that's a perk but over there and then you have your washing machine here with your dryer.

And then you've got your dishwasher at the end. This is your wash basin to and we've got another window here.

And then you've also got more storage space at the top. So you like cooking, this is a really good spot.

Forget you.

You've also got your electric fan it to me and that is the stunning flat. So if you have any more questions please do ask away and if you are happy with this video. So I want to put an offer in please. Beautiful at we're more than happy to show you the property and physically and all you need to do is just get in touch with us and so you he'll have my contact details at the end of the video and so my number is zero two zero seven, seven three, four, four zero, six two at my name is Shanaz has are more than happy to book you in as soon as and the flat is vacant now. So ready for somebody to live in. Also it's like I said, it's

Brand-new nobody's would tip for. So it's kind of nice to know that you're gonna be the first one to live in the property. Okay. I think that's everything. Thank you so much for watching and I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend. Bye.

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