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What to do around Soho, London

What to do around Soho, London

10 Things to Do in Soho for Families

Soho is known for being one of the most popular areas in London for nightlife and clubbing but families will be glad to hear that there are also plenty of family-friendly activities available for you to enjoy both in and around Soho. Whether you want to explore some of the many tourist attractions around Soho, visit some of the most fun and exciting shops in the West End, including the Disney Store and the LEGO store, or have fun at indoor and soft play areas that are perfect for younger kids, Soho has it all to offer when it comes to finding the perfect day out for you and your family.

What to Do Around Soho London – The Postal Museum:

The Postal Museum isn’t just about learning how your letters are sent – there is tons to learn and see for visitors of all ages, including an adventure play zone, train rides, and even a lion! Ride on the Mail Rail, a miniature underground railway, and delve into the secret world of your post. The exhibits are filled with curious stories that will take you through the story of the very first social network and kids can explore hands-on exhibits based in an abandoned engineering depot that make a visit to this museum just as educational as it is fun. Discover some of the weird and wonderful things that have been sent through the post in the past, including Victorian Valentine’s Day cards.

What to Do at Soho London – Social Distancing at the St Katherine Docks Treasure Trail:

If you are concerned about mixing indoors due to the COVID19 pandemic and want something fun and interesting to do with the kids while safely social distancing outdoors, the St Katherine Docks Treasure Trail could be the perfect option for you. All you need are the directions and clues that are there to help you in the Treasure Trail to solve the clues and locate where the missing treasure is hidden. There is an easy-to-follow route that leads you around this iconic part of the capital, with clues located on buildings, monuments, plaques, and other interesting things along the way. The treasure hunt is open to everybody from age six and upwards.

What to Do in Soho District London With Kids – Go Ape:

While it’s not directly located in Soho, if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids on a day out from Soho, Go Ape Battersea Park is an ideal choice. The most central forest experience in London, Go Ape is twice the height and length of most other Go Ape courses around the UK and has something for the entire family to enjoy. It’s great for families with a range of challenges to take part in, including Treetop Adventure, the Fisherman’s Net, and Stepping Stones waiting for you and your little ones to tackle them. Treetop Adventure Plus is the ideal choice for kids over six and adults who want to take on bigger thrills and longer leaps.

What to Do in Soho London on Sunday – London Transport Museum:

If you’re looking for a quiet and educational day out with the kids on a Sunday, the London Transport Museum, which can be easily reached from Soho, is an ideal choice. Whether you have a little one who has a need for speed or a fascination with the red London buses, they are sure to love a day filled with interactive adventures and family fun at the London Transport Museum. The kids play zone is a firm favourite with families, with huge buses that your little ones can drive, uniforms that they can dress up in, and lots of fun activities to complete that will keep them occupied for hours.

What to Do in Soho London Today – St James’s Park:

With the UK still in the early stages of the roadmap out of lockdown due to the COVID19 crisis and many of the attractions that are suitable for families in Soho not expected to reopen for at least a few more weeks, finding something fun to do in Soho today with the kids might not be as easy as it once was. Thankfully, St James’s Park, which is a short walk from Soho, makes for a fun and family-friendly, socially distanced day out with the kids. The oldest Royal Park in London, it is surrounded by three palaces and is a great place for taking family photos. It has some of the best green routes in London and is a popular spot for cycling.

What to Do in Soho London Tonight – Thames RIB Experience:

Departing from Westminster, which is a short walk from Soho, the Thames RIB Experience is a fun way to spend a Spring or Summer evening with your family. The two main experiences are the Canary Wharf or the Thames Barrier, although there are other tours available to choose from. On the Thames RIB, you can take in some of the biggest sights of London including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Shard, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye as you explore the river on the Thames’ fastest, newest, loudest and most extreme fleet. If you are visiting London with family and want to see as much of the city in a short amount of time, this is a fun and ideal way to take in some of the most important city sights – you’ll see more of the city in just under an hour this way than you would on the traditional sightseeing tour options, along with the added thrill of coursing through the water at breakneck speed.

What to Do in Soho London UK – Bloomsbury Codebreaking Walk:

Just a short walk from Soho is Bloomsbury, an intelligent and academic area of London that is an ideal family-friendly destination for an educational day out. Bloomsbury Codebreaking Walk, which is powered by the Tramble App, allows you to uncover some of the biggest secrets hidden in the past of the stunning squares of Bloomsbury. The whole family can get involved while you put your problem-solving skills to the test through finding clues and solving problems along the way to complete the trail. As you solve the problems and find the answers, you and your family will enjoy an enchanting adventure and learn more about the history of Bloomsbury. All you need to do is find the answers to ten questions in under an hour. The more mysteries you solve, the more engrossed you will be in the game.

What to Do in Soho Square London:

Soho Square is a central and green area of Soho, London, that is ideal for visiting with the family on a sunny day. There are various nearby restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a bite to eat for lunch or dinner, and it’s an ideal spot for picnics when the sun comes out, which is always a firm favourite with the younger Londoners.

Soho Tours – Mary Poppins Walking Tour:

If you want to explore further than Soho with your family and dance and sing your way through the streets of London with some of the most-loved songs from a family favourite film, the Mary Poppins Walking Tour of London is definitely worth considering. Filled with music, humour, and magical moments, the tour is ideal for kids and adults alike and is definitely something that you’ll remember. The tour lasts for two hours and takes you to various key locations from the film. It’s perfect for kids and adults of all ages and you will get to see some of the capital’s most famous landmarks alongside some of the areas where Mary Poppins was filmed. The guides will definitely keep you all well entertained with a range of behind-the-scenes stories of how the movie was made, plus information on the original Mary Poppins film and book. You’ll even get to learn what ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ actually means.

Soho Exhibits for Families – Invisible Superheroes:

2020 was definitely a year for teaching our children more about the real-life superheroes who work to keep the world running, no matter what happens. Invisible superheroes come in all different shapes and sizes, and this interactive exhibit is an ideal place to learn more about what they do and how they save the world every day. The exhibit is based on engineers, who play a bigger part in the world than most of us realise. Keeping water in the taps, trains running on the tracks, and keeping the bridges upright can all be credited to engineers. The exhibit allows you and your family to explore awesome engineering projects and an interesting virtual reality experience where you can learn how to live more sustainably. It’s an ideal visit for a family with older kids or teens who might be needing a little bit of inspiration when it comes to what they’d like to study in the future or their choice of career.

In and around Soho has plenty to offer for families with younger kids and teens, whether you’re looking for something to do indoors after lockdown or a safe, socially distanced green space that you can visit now.

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