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Why Use an Estate Agent to Sell?

Why use an estate agent to sell your property?

Are you planning to sell your London home?

The shadowy future of Brexit and the numerous changes in tenancy laws have made London a fertile ground for property sale. If you happen to be a property owner interested in putting your house up for sale, you should definitely take the plunge.

Studies show that it takes anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks to find a buyer in London. But this is true only if the real estate market and economy are in good shape. Poor market conditions can increase this period significantly.

This is where professional estate agent London companies come into the picture. They bring to the table a set of unique benefits for you to make the most successful and profitable home sale ever.

Four reasons why partnering with an estate agent for a home sale is the best thing to do:

They know the value of the area and your build

Experienced estate agents in London have extensive knowledge about the various neighbourhoods in and around the city. They will be aware of the valuations of a particular community, given its proximity to tube/bus/railway stations or entertainment districts.

Estate agents will also know about the demand for properties in your locality and how soon offers start pouring in.

Their extensive familiarity with London real estate and property sale allows estate agents to reduce your risk in the market. They can help you quote the right value for your property and avoid having to undersell.

They have a ready list of interested buyers in their database

The task of finding a buyer for your home is the most difficult of the entire home selling process. Apart from a person who can afford your property, you must also look for someone who matches your expectations and doesn’t pose a security threat.

Normally, estate agents work with hundreds of people from across the world. They already have a ready database of individuals looking to buy a property in London, with a thorough understanding of the personalities and backgrounds of these buyers (courtesy, background checks and reference checks).

So once they understand the type of buyer you’re looking for, your estate agent in London will run a filter to present a pre-qualified list to you. This way, you already have numerous leads right at the start. This will help you find a qualified buyer much faster and wrap up the sale in good time.

This is one advantage you’ll miss out on if you decide not to go with an estate agent for the sale of your home.

They bring a lot of negotiating power to the table

Buyer-seller negotiations are an integral part of the home selling process. Neither will your buyer be willing to pay you what you quote right off-the-bat, nor will you agree to budge from your expectations.

But let’s face it. Not all of us have the courage or skill to negotiate with home buyers. Even fewer still have the chops to be unrelenting in their negotiations. Most of us feel awkward or shy when working out deals with buyers, and we may even get flustered during the process. This can do a lot of harm to our sale potential.
This is where the expertise, knowledge and skill of a professional estate agent come in handy.

Estate agents will have considerable experience working with buyers of all temperaments, economic strength, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds. They have an innate understanding of what buyers look for when purchasing a house. They are also reasonably-aware of what makes customers tick and what factors finally encourage them to accept a seller’s quote.

This expertise will help you mindfully navigate the competitive negotiations and ensure a profitable home sale outcome.

They can take care of the nitty-gritties and speed up the process

Most homeowners are completely uninformed when it comes to the legal and technical aspects that they need to consider in order to sell their home successfully. They don’t know who to approach, what documents to submit, and what to do during the home sale process.

Estate agents will be of great help here. They create house listings, set up home viewings, and organize home appraisals & valuations. These professionals even visit the relevant offices for documentation and carry out all activities necessary to sell the right way. They will have developed contacts with the Who’s Who of the industry, which ensures that you are provided with the most premium service possible.

Their years of experience in the industry will help them avoid common pitfalls when putting a house on the market. In addition, they will take care of all the nuances of the sale quickly and efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

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