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Hi, everyone. We’ll just give it a couple of seconds to let everyone jump on. It seems to be pretty popular this livestream today. So give us a couple of seconds and we shall start.

Cool. So hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today and glp we are very excited to introduce you to some pressive. Two bed, two bath apartment situated in a stunning 19th century. Red Brick Mansion blocking Baker Street, Baker Street, being famous for Sherlock Holmes. The building itself is six floors with 22 Apartments. So in comparison to most Mansion blocks, this is relatively small. This apartment going to show you today is on the second floor, which also comes with a lift.

So, I’ll show you now. We move through to the living space.

This opens up into a huge living area as you can see.

Gives you lots of kind of seating area, Furnishings, Great Space to kind of

Predict really good high ceilings as well.

As we walk towards the kind of east side. So it’s Facing East out, on to Baker Street, we have all of your local amenities. If you like me need a coffee in the morning, you’ve got loads of choice to get you started for the day. If you walk up Baker Street, you will find yourself an Oxford Circus, so really great location and until the left you have got the Baker Street substation, which is literally two minutes walk. You could probably nearly see it from the window behind the tube station. You have also got then that the Region’s

Which is probably one of the most desirable parks in London, especially given the recent pandemic. I’ll just span with a camera around now so you can see the whole living space there. And as I mentioned amazingly, High ceilings, to give you the space, the vendors moves here four years ago and the actually redid the Florence, you’ve got the lovely wood floor. And as we can see,

And as we walk through here, to your kind of dining / bar, if you like to entertain space there,

To the right shift the camera over. We have going to walk towards the kitchen space, great size for a two-bed flat. All of you got everything you need here. You are very large fridge.

And then you’ve got your freezer at the bottom too as well.

Just the chest. Drawers freezer.

As I mentioned, lots of storage, I just open up one of these thing, an idea.

If you do have any questions as I go through, guys, do feel free to answer question and answer the questions and got your gas hub.

Your dishwasher.

Large dishwasher.

And your

Washer dryer in here as actually.

Leading off the kitchen and living space.

You have got your master bedroom.

Again, facing the road, the windows are the initial, the original sash, double-glazed windows. And they’ve also put on secondary glazing as well. So there is very limited noise from the street and also obviously very energy efficient as well.

Showing you all the lovely deck. All they have in the house built in storage for big doors. As open one there, you can see lots of space with clothes and shoes, Etc. As we lead out, this is en suite, so I’ll show you the bathroom.

Where you go, lovely bath.

Shower head and your electric towel, heating big mirrors. If you want to do your makeup in the morning.

As we head back out into the living space, we will go towards the corridor where you have your family bathroom to the right.

Again, heated tile.

Toilet. Big window.

And a walk-in shower.


Adjacent to the front entrance, you have got your second bedroom. Again, very large in size big enough for a king bed, east-facing to Baker Street. So you get all the natural light and you have the storage built-in storage like so,

As we walk through there, this is the front entrance.

Where you have got to other neighbors next to you. You’ve got the lift as when the second floor, you may well take the stairs and the staircase leading up as well.

In terms of the charges for the flat, the service charge that is a great question. Their service charge is 3000 approximately 3,000 year, given that it is a new Mountain block. You have got a porter that is there during the day and lift access that is very reasonable ground. Rent is only 200 pounds a year, so all up about 3,200 as we are in the Westminster council tax brand as well, very cheap at 1,300 a year approximately.

As I mentioned before the location is perfect because you do have Regent’s Park which you’re literally five minutes away Baker Street substation you have marylebone High Street, Oxford Circus and the West End on your doorstep. There are six floors to the building, great question. I thank you very much Becky and there are 22 Flats in the block.

And yes, that is a lift.

Just been around since to the kitchen. Again, if there’s anything, you want me to show you guys, let me know. I will go back actually to the boiler.

The boiler is situated opposite. The main bathroom.

It is electric. You go the water tank very large water tank to baby showers running and a looks like a very new electric motor as well.

Easy access to Heathrow through Baker Street tube if you wanted to view. This guy’s, it’s very easy. The vendors are looking to downsize, you can just email me. They’re very open to have an interface viewings. As you can see it is a lovely flat, it’s priced at 1.2 million, which in this market is a very, very good good price. So do let me know. And if there’s any other questions you have following this video, My email is down.

Dan at glp don’t Co dot U k– but otherwise, thank you so much for joining and I look forward to hearing from you have a great day.

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