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Best Places to Find Tips for Gardening and DIY

In these unusual times we find ourselves with more time on our hands having to find new interests and hobbies, as lets face it there is only so much Social media anyone can handle when the most of the world is doing exactly the same thing.

I have been charged with the task to help you the reader get an insight into Gardening hints and tips you can undertake whilst we all #stayathome.

As some of you may know or not, if you are familiar to our site I used to be a professional Horticulturalist working gardens across London. Since social distancing started this is something I have found love for again, we aren’t used to being cooped up for long periods of time and I find pottering around the garden or tending to the house plants a welcome distraction hopefully you might well too.

Below will follow various mediums of information that I would consider to be useful and easy ways to get started, it’s a common misconception you need out outside space to grow plants but you really don’t! As long as you have light, water and soil you can get started anywhere.

We will start off with indoor and balcony growing;

Visual aids when learning something new are great, when you’ve been doing something for a while you get to learn useful tricks to make things easier, as you may not have everything you need to get started straight away you can always use things you already have around the house and adapt them for what you need.

In no particular order the following are great;

Here on Naturalways, this gives you great tips on how to perhaps reuse left over fruit and veg and so easy to do.

Having a good selection of fresh herbs is fantastic and really gives your home cooked food that edge, there are a couple of ways you can go about this. Cheat for instant effect or sow your seeds. What will you decide?

Houseplants provide a nice aesthetic to any space and can be a lot easier to care for than you might expect, even if you have limited space or light there are great options out there. For help with choosing the right plants you can have a look here.

There are still some online providers carrying out deliveries of plants so you can get going straight away on your newfound love of plants.

Patch has a really good user experience, everything is laid out to be so clear and they offer tuition on how to care you your new projects.

Beards & Daisies has a similar set up and also offers subscriptions so you can receive plants regularly

Of course there are plenty of other suppliers but these are just a couple I personally like.

Now that summer is approaching we have more daylight hours and the sun is gracing us with it presence more often, it a good time to start sowing seeds for summer and planting. As the soil warms up it stimulates root growth and gets plants on the way to getting established. Here is a useful timetable from the RHS as to what you can be doing in the garden at the moment and throughout the year. Don’t fear if you think you might have missed the jobs for March there will still be time to do them.

The RHS is a great source of information in all aspects of Horticulture (plants) I had always found it to be very useful throughout my previous career, the there is truly something for everyone. If there isn’t what you need, you can always rely on goggle for more targeted searches.

I hope that this former information has been of help in getting you started if you have basic or next to no experience in gardening of all forms, it’s a welcome distraction and great for mental wellbeing alike.

Blog by Alex Escott, Property Consultant

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