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How Many Sex Shops In Soho?

How Many Sex Shops In Soho? Soho’s raw and electrifying presence in the West End draws residents, renters and vacationers by the drove. The district has resisted disproportionate gentrification even as it tries to change its image from its heady days of sex and drugs to a vibrant hub of cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. […]

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Best Places To Eat In Covent Garden

Best Places To Eat In Covent Garden When your looking for the best places to eat in Covent Garden you are seriously spoilt for choice.  Covent Garden’s celebrated food scene has gone from strength to strength with the frequent addition of new restaurants. When searching for properties for sale in Covent Garden, you’re in for […]

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Soho Did You Know

Soho Did You Know?

Looking at properties to rent in Soho? Let’s make the already interesting neighbourhood a little more intriguing with these factoids. Our Marketing Team have put together a few things you might find interesting… Mozart was here! Turns out the iconic composer lived in Soho for a year. He is believed to have composed Symphony No.4 […]

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Marylebone High Street

Eat, Shop and Be Merry at the Marylebone High Street

The Marylebone High Street, not surprisingly, is the “the hidden wonder of the West End” and is truly a haven amidst the frenzy of buzzing city life. Old-timers will remember the elegant concert venue of Marylebone Gardens where James Hook and George Handel, among many other renowned musicians, performed. The major shopping street in Marylebone […]

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Prime London Property

Buyer Interest in Prime London Property Intact

Things are looking up for London’s prime property market. Even though sales in the first three months of 2018 were 9% lower than the sales over the past 12 months, it was an improvement over the 20% fall witnessed in 2016 and the first six months of 2017. The gain can be attributed to buyers’ […]

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Marylebone’s Many Charms for New Renters

Like collecting art and antique? Make time for Antiques Anonymous at Marylebone’s Church Street on 24th June. The antique market makes a return the second time round, promising yet again to bring you an exceptional and vast collection of antiques. The best antique traders from across the UK will congregate to display unique items spanning […]

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