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Best Property Websites in London

Best property websites in London

The Top 13 Property Websites in London

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a new home in the UK capital, it’s likely that your search is going to start on one of the many UK property websites or apps. In fact, starting your search for a property online has become so popular that the idea of looking through the window at the local estate agent to see what’s available has definitely become a thing of the past, and seems fairly ancient to most people. But whether you’re looking to sell your home, get on the property ladder, buy your second home or find somewhere suitable to rent in London, there’s certainly no shortage of property apps and websites to choose from, and filtering through to find the right one for you is not always easy. So, which is the best property website or app to use for buyers, sellers, and renters in London? We’ve listed some of the best options below.

The Best Property Websites for London:

Greater London Properties:

Here at GLP, we’re always updating our selection of homes for sale or rent in the capital. Whether you’re looking for a small and affordable one-bedroom flat to rent close to your place to work or considering investing in a buy-to-let property in the centre of London, check out the properties that we have available and keep checking back since new properties are being added on a regular basis. If you are in the process of selling your London home, we’re happy to help – get in touch today to discuss your needs.

Rightmove Property:

Rightmove is often the obvious place to start for most people who are looking to buy, rent or sell a home. It is the biggest online property portal in the UK and lists over 800,000 properties for sale at any point along with a very considerable number of rental homes. There is both a website and a free app available for those who prefer to search on their iPhone or Android smartphone. Even if you don’t find your ideal property on Rightmove, it’s a great place to start browsing.

Zoopla Property:

Another huge property portal, while it might not be as popular as Rightmove, Zoopla lists a lot of great properties for sale or rent and is definitely worth checking out. The house price section is very useful for buyers since it allows you to track fluctuations in house prices for a specific area to get a better idea of whether or not the listing price is a bargain. There are also plenty of advanced feature options such as how long you are willing to travel to work from your potential property and estimated living costs for each property are also provided.

Best Websites to Find a Flat in London When Buying:

If you are considering buying a flat in London, there are several websites and apps that you can put to good use to find further information on properties that are available and get more insight into the properties that you have seen and like.

Land Registry:

Whether you are looking to purchase a flat or a house, if you want more information on what somebody paid for the property last, the Land Registry is the best place to start. It offers a price paid data section where you can see how much the current owner paid for the property, and there’s the option to see the transactions for individual properties or the entire street. You can also use this website to get a better idea of the average price in a certain area for a certain type of house, making it an ideal resource for tracking property prices in the area you’re hoping to buy in and ensuring that you don’t end up paying over the odds.


Before buying a flat in London, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the surrounding area. Where a flat is located and what the area is like can make all the difference, especially if you are planning to live there, and if you’re planning to rent the flat out then a good neighbourhood can make it easier for you to find suitable tenants quickly. Streetcheck is a great website that you can use to do this for free. Simply enter the road name that you want to learn more about, and you’ll be able to see a huge amount of information such as the local crime rates and the type of people who live in the area.

HomeOwners Alliance:

Buying a flat in London for the first time can be a confusing process, and HomeOwners Alliance is a great website where you can find all sorts of useful information. Whether you’re looking for advice on choosing the right type of building survey for your property before you buy or want to find a good tradesperson to carry out renovation work on the flat once you’ve bought it, this website is filled to the brim with handy guides and information on everything that you might want to know. You’ll also find information on online and high-street estate agents, the fees that they charge, and reviews from people who have used them, making it an ideal resource for anybody who is looking to sell property in London too.


When it comes to finding a mortgage provider to purchase your London flat, Unbiased is an excellent resource to use. You can use this service to find any kind of financial advisor including mortgage brokers in your area.

Best Rental Websites London Sellers and Landlords:


If you have a London property that you want to rent to a tenant or sell on, you will need to get an energy performance certificate (EPC). This informs your tenant or buyer about the energy efficiency of the property to make it easier for them to determine the kind of energy costs that they can expect. The EPCRegister website, provided by the government, is the best resource for finding an accredited energy assessor for your home.

NAEA Propertymark

If you’re considering selling your London property, the estate agent that you choose will be one of the biggest decisions that you make. The right estate agent will price your home appropriately and only arrange viewings for potential buyers who have a real chance of making an offer. The best place to look for the right estate agent for you if you are selling your London home is NAEA Propertymark, where you can find information on thousands of different companies across the country.

The Law Society:

Getting a good solicitor whether you are selling or buying a home is just as important as finding the right estate agent. The Law Society website is a great place to look for the right legal specialists to help you with your home buying or selling process.

Best Websites to find a Room in London:

If you’re looking to house share in London and want to find a room in a house of multiple occupations, there are several websites that you might find useful in your search.


This is one of the most popular house-sharing websites in the UK and there is a free app available. If you are looking for housemates in London, then it’s certainly one of the best places to start. Here you can find a range of different property types from landlords who are looking to fill up HMO’, current tenants who are moving out and need to find somebody to take over their space, and live-in landlords who have a spare room in their home that they want to rent out to a lodger. It is free to use the service, however, there are some paid features such as getting ‘early bird’ access to the newer listings.

Roommates UK:

This service works in a similar way to Spareroom and is another excellent website to consider if you are looking for a room to rent in London. You can use Roommates UK to search for both properties that are currently available with rooms to rent or to find potential flatmates in the area who are also looking for a room to rent to make it easier for you to find a property together with somebody that you have had the chance to get to know a little first. Not only is it a great service for finding somewhere to live but can also be a good way to make new friends.


Finally, Myrooms is another good website for finding a room to rent in London. This company is a leading provider of flat and house shares in the capital and offers rooms to rent in a range of key central London areas including London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Saint John’s Wood, and Camden. They offer a range of services including telephone and online support, dedicated account managers, flexible rental contracts, and cleaning and maintenance services for tenants.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent a property in London, there are plenty of websites and apps at your disposal that you can use to find your perfect property or get further information to help with the process.



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