Soho Area Guide

We consider Soho to be the hub of London, with it’s all night clubs, outdoor cafes, squares, markets and of course the sex shops, it has something for everyone!

The name originally comes from the 16th century hunting cry ‘so-hoe’ due to the large areas of land however after the Great Fire in 1666 development was accelerated and the area became an extremely high end fashionable address competing against Mayfair and St James.

What people may not know about Soho is the close community spirit within the area, whether it’s campaigning to raise money for the local Parish school or rebuilding historic institutions such as St Anne’s Church in Soho Square, it is much loved and there are numerous societies in operation to support this, many our own staff are members of.

Berwick St market is home to some well-loved traders including Ronnie’s Flowers, Carnaby St has some of the best boutique shops in London and there is no better place to watch the world go by than outside the infamous Bar Italia where you will be served some of the best coffee in London.

Whether you’re after Jazz at Ronnie Scott’s, live music at G.A.Y or a trip to the theatre, there really is something for everyone in this vibrant, cosmopolitan part of town.

There’s so much more to tell however we’d much rather do it face to face over a cup of coffee. Just give us a call.

Council Tax Information

Council Tax is worked out by your local council who sets the Council Tax rates for each year. Your property postcode will determine which council you will need to pay. There is currently 1 council covering the Soho area, Westminster Council.

For more information about council tax bands please visit: or see below for current rates according to tax band.

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