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Situated in Camden, Euston has a long reputation as a coveted North London landmark, particularly when it comes to its railway history. Euston Station is one of the main transport hubs in the capital and was established in 1936 at the height of the Industrial Revolution. It stands as the first intercity railway station in London, offering journeys to all parts of the UK.

Why Live in Euston?

Aside from the excellent transport links making it an excellent choice of location for those who commute to other areas of the UK on a regular basis, there are several reasons to consider a property to rent in Euston. There are many historical landmarks in this area to explore, including the British Library on Euston Road, with millions of items from across the world, and 48 Doughty Street, a Grade I listed building in Bloomsbury where you can explore the London home of Charles Dickens.

Restaurants and Dining:

Euston might be known for its train station, but there is also an unrivalled gastronomic experience here for residents looking to let in Euston. The station itself has a wide range of excellent restaurants and eateries to choose from or head to Camden High Street, where you can find popular spots like The Blues Kitchen. Parkway is another key area for great places to eat, including York & Albany by Gordon Ramsay.


When it comes to entertainment and culture, Euston offers a lot more than you might expect. Those who enjoy theatre will certainly feel at home in a property in Euston to rent, with options like Teatro Technis, a fringe theatre hosting a wide range of entertainment options or the famous Shaw Theatre next to the British Library. Head into Camden Town and you’ll find KOKO, a popular concert venue where Madonna played her first British gig, while jazz-lovers will enjoy The Jazz Cafe in Parkway, which is perfect for laid-back musical experiences.


Thanks to its close proximity to Camden Town, there’s no shortage of shopping opportunities for those looking to rent near Euston. A variety of markets offer something to suit everybody, from vintage clothing to gorgeous international cuisine. Also, unrivalled transport links at Euston make reaching key shopping areas like Oxford Street and Covent Garden easier than ever.


Living in Euston to let properties means you can benefit from some of the best transport links in the city. Euston is a key transport hub and provides links to every London area imaginable on the Underground along with train connections to all key cities in the UK including Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and more. There is also a wide range of bus connections at Euston with a regular timetable of buses ready to take you almost anywhere in the city. The fast train service from Euston station to Heathrow is perfect for international travellers.

Euston living is perfect for professionals who want to live in or near one of the biggest transport hubs in London. But it’s not all about the travel connections - thanks to the close proximity to Camden Town, there’s plenty of fun and entertainment in Euston too.

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