in good company

It is said you can judge the quality of a business by the quality of its customers.

“We brought Greater London Properties onto the Hyde Park Estate over two years ago and have since been very happy with their professional service. They have secured a number of high quality tenants and managed to sell a number of our assets in a competitive market . Their overall performance has also had a positive effect on our longstanding incumbent agents and ensured that they are subjected to real competitive pressure.”

“Shaftesbury PLC has worked with Greater London Properties for over 7 years. Using a local independent estate agency has proved extremely bene cial for us – their exibility, the speed in which they can turn things round and also their knowledge of the market, applicants and other landlords/estates in the area is exceptional. They have a team of highly experienced people and a solid client base.”

“GLP have managed my properties for over 6 years and I have always been impressed with their speedy assistance to any issues and their practical approach. Their property management team are always on the ball and their out of hours assistance line means my tenants always have someone to speak to day or night. I would definitely recommend them.”

“Greater London Properties have been our sole managing residential agents for years and it’s been very refreshing to work with a company who genuinely enjoy working on our portfolio and who understands our property, and the area as well as we do. Our teams work very closely together to ensure the estate runs efficiently and together we’ve been able to reduce our maintenance costs by almost half, whilst increasing our gross income. I’d happily recommend them to other estates, they are very good at what they do.”

Greater London Properties Ltd, were introduced to the Gascoyne London Estate in 2012. Since that time they have become one of our key letting agents and provide valuable guidance and advice for our Residential Estate. They have proved to be a reliable and trustworthy partner to the company.”

“In our business knowledge is king. Our highly experienced team are proud to be associated with so many of the highest pro le property owners in Greater London.”

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