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Pool Table at Best Sports Bars in London

Best sports bars in London

The sports bar may be a timeless American tradition, but London’s streets have sports bar setups that can compete with those in the US. If you’re traveling to London and want to include the sports bar experience in your trip, here’s a list of the best sports bars in London that you should visit.

Bar Kick

Nestled into Shoreditch High Street, London, Bar Kick has the perfect sports bar vibe with a great selection of drinks to try out over a game. Apart from screens showing live sports, Bar Kick is known for table football, basement games, and delicious food and drink. If you’re a football fan, there’s no better place in London to catch a live football match.

Gunners Pub

Again, Gunners Pub is a great place for football fans. Apparently, Gunners Pub was the perfect spot for Arsenal supporters back when their stadium was close by at Highbury. The bar’s decor includes memorabilia and photos on the wall, giving it the look of a classic hangout for sports fans. Ask for plastic cups and weak larger for the authentic experience.


If you are near to Victoria Station, London, try the Greenwood Sports Bar. With great lighting and amazing food, Greenwood is also a great place for a fine dinner over a sports screening. Check out the upstairs area if you are planning to stay on longer and enjoy a full game.


Set in Holborn, Bounce is one of the most happening sports bars in London. Packed with 10 ping pong tables and the perfect bar setting, Bounce is a great place to wind down on the weekend. On a separate note, Bounce is also known for having the best pizzas, music and karaoke nights, so you can diversify from sports if you feel like it.

Jolly Gardeners

Located in Greater London, Jolly Gardeners is a great place to sip a beer over a sports screening. Jolly Gardeners is popular for its wide range of beers, each worth trying. The pub has a great vibe and shows Sky & BT sports, not afraid of showing different types of sports events. If you want to experiment with different types of alcohol, you can try Fever Tree tonic, Sipsmith gin, and the other fun items on the bar’s menu.

We hope you enjoy visiting the best sports bars in London.


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