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One Bedroom Flat

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Okay, so we're just came into the one-bedroom flight.

And one bridge. This is the hallway. Hello, Tewksbury for coats umbrellas and soon as you get into the property to the left. You have the bathroom.

I'm going to shelving. You come in the bathroom. Everything's matching script and nice blue tiles. Begin. You've got more stories in there. Produ Parish are there. It's nice that you've got that currently real as well. Even for sure side. That means the bathroom or specious those shelves. You can poop my pants or your soaps or makeup or

Never use have on the shelving and then you've got a little mirror there that matches tiles and heated towel, real.

Everything from artists really good. You've got this drying rack as well. And then you've got grief that, you've got windows in the bathroom, good for ventilation.

Room to your left is the bedroom really good in here. If you've got high ceilings bedroom, really privates, you look nice to have a bit of greenery outside your window. Also, you do have some built-in.

Storage space. So plenty of space in the morning.

My state though, pretty good things about a light in the room while

The next area, really lovely Furniture. As you can see this tubal was MIA, does. Well, then the landlord. So have a nice feature there.

Nice and unique. No one else will have it. You do have loads of cupboard space, as you can see. So definitely a lot of storage. And this property also got your fridge and freezer again more storage for the like of Cups and see it soon food.

God. So we could get this done and up here. Again. You've got a lovely view right here, nice and quiet.

More Greenery.

We from that is meaning everything. And if you have some space in here, it's mostly your boiler, but you do have to go to space. But I have any questions. Please let me know happy to answer.

Any of your questions and I'll just we've got a fob entrance here and it's on the second floor. Also got like a camera and stuff those which would secure.

And then you have another for entrance. Just a baguette.

And then this is the straight. So you need to get your fob to get in there as well.

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