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Why Is My Property Not Selling?

Often after the initial excitement of putting your home up for Sale, you may find yourself on the market for longer than you expected.

It is not uncommon for agencies to overprice a property simply to get the commission and then recommend a price reduction at a later date, when the property remains on the market for an extended period.

Why is this a problem?

Not only do price reductions create uncertainty in Buyers’ minds, but they also mean potentially expensive void periods or a potential damaging delay down the sales chain.

Greater London Properties are known for transparent and realistic price valuations, however especially in times of market uncertainty it is inevitable that particular properties may take longer to sell.

With this in mind our team has developed an 8 Step Check List to ensure every additional marketing technique is exhausted before we make the decision to adjust the price.

8 Step Check List

1. Photography.

Different angles, different views or just a different order, re-doing photography for the portals can capture an entirely new audience. Additional area shots will also generate more clicks and our team are great at mixing these up on a weekly basis.

2. New Content.

We have a number of different copywriters and each of them brings a breath of fresh air to a property description. By simply re-briefing a property we get a new pair of eyes and a whole different perspective to a description.

3. Virtual tours & Instagram Lives

Our GLP Negotiators are fantastic at researching and putting these live tours together to ensure we get maximum viewers which in turn will increase your property’s social media profile.

4. Central London’s Facebook Residents Association

Having our own GLP Facebook Group of over 600 W1/WC1 Residents means when a property is in need of an extra boost we simply share to our group and it naturally creates a stir.

5. Personalised Facebook & Instagram Property Ad Campaign

Unlike traditional agents, as you may have already noticed, we have embraced Social Media and lead the industry with our Online Content, Links and Live Interviews.

If a particular property is struggling to gain traction, we will create a bespoke advert and target what we feel is a relevant audience of potential buyers. 32% of applicants come through our Social Media channels which is a staggering number.

6. Google Property Of The Week

Last year 40% of the properties we put on our Property Of The Week via Google Ads and Google Places had offers within 14 days. This is an extraordinary result and is simply down to our strong online presence. If we have properties on the market for longer than 1 month then they are automatically uploaded and promoted.

7. Home Improvements

If the decision is to go with new photography, it makes sense to take a re-look at the property to identify any simple improvements that can be made to make the home more desirable. This may be as simple as dressing the flat with furniture, to a full paint job and although this comes at a cost, it may not only reduce the void period but also lift the price.
When you instruct Greater London Properties you are also able to take advantage of our subsidised, affordable and talented interior design team. The room transformations are simply incredible.

8. Portal Advertisement

Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market all offer additional advertisement which we naturally use for properties that need additional exposure.

If you are looking to sell your property in Central London, my team at Greater London Properties would welcome the opportunity to meet you (if we haven’t already) to consider if we can match one of our many registered applicants to your property.

I remain convinced, that with our shop front branches ideally located for the promotion of your property we could facilitate a reasonable speedy resolution to your sale, especially after putting our 8 Step Check List into action.

Please feel free to give our Sales Team a call to chat through any of the points above, we are always here for advice and recommendations and we would love to help.

Call us today on 0207 113 1066.

Rob Hill, Director
Greater London Properties

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