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1 Bedroom Apartment, Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, W1T Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

So here we have the one that you reflect on Charlotte streets. This one is on probably the most gorgeous Street in this area, right in the center of fits Rovia and quite a flat as well. Be coming through the front door here on the second floor for your entry phone, just on the right there, that’s got video on it as well. Directly ahead of us is the bathroom, rather the left the bedroom and then the reception kitchen area a through that way. We’ll start from this way around them into the bedroom.

So quite decent space. This is a standard double bed by the looks of it and you know, it’s quite compact but there’s still plenty of room around it because you’ve got your wardrobes built in on this side. So if I have these open very gently along hanging rail on that side, you got a shelf up at the top and then over this way. It’s a similar set up a smaller Rail, and then you’ve got some drawers. Just built into the bottom. Well,

Around from this angle, T.

But as you can see, if you need extra space like that, the current tenant has this rail over on the side so you can fit that over on that wall. And then you’ve also got secondary glazing on the window which looks out onto the back there. It’s not a walkway or anything. So there’s not gonna be anyone sort of trailing around looking through we’re up on the second floor, of course, just some vents on that side and then coming through back into the hallway into the bathroom.

And asking finished got big walk-in shower on this side. Some storage behind the sink there, but although, there’s no windows still, quite bright does not feel claustrophobic at all in here. So just nicely done. And then even more storage, just an aside here. And so both those open. Have you got your washer/dryer built in on that one? The water tanks just on the right. And there’s still some space above as you can see. So pesky, things like suitcases. Can we talk?

Way there.

Into the kitchen reception room. So all I can plan on this side, you have the kitchen space and the rest of the room structures around this way.

So if we start with the kitchen itself, all fully fitted and built-in. So on this side, we have a full-sized fridge or the freezer down the bottom as well. And a lot of these places around here. You won’t find that you just got the small fridge or the freezer drawer. So if you’re if you Google or if you just generally eat a lot like me, you’ll find plenty of room for it all in here and the dishwasher is in that one.

When I get into storage all the way along, again, secondary glazing on the Windows on this side, this is looking over on to Charlotte Street itself. Yeah, gorgeous faces. You see all the shops and building fronts look like this really well done up those Greenery just classic London. And then through the windows at the front and on this side, plenty of room for whatever you’ve got really was until current tents set up as a workstation on that side. So what room for

You’re sort of TV area. I mean, you can shift it around. However, you want, you know, space for another sofa. Perhaps maybe an L shape. If you’ve got an, if you wanted to still put a small dining table over on this side, perhaps you have the room to do it as well. So as well as being very flatly. Well, looked after here. Your property, managers are based in SoHo just around the corner. Do you have someone assigned to the flat specifically? So you looked after by the same person all the way through and then they’ve also got an emergency line. So, you know, any

Issues out of hours. You can reach them on that as well. Be able to help and it’s available to view or we can make an offer based on this video. So just let us know, zero zero, seven, seven three, four, four zero to 60.

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