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33 Camley Street, London, United Kingdom Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

This is the flat on calmly Street, which is number flight 33 to come through and you’ve got your whole way here. So nice and large good-sized all away. I’ll take you through to the first bedroom through here.

Really lovely, large bedroom with plenty of light. You’re right at the top of the building so you can see just how bright it is up here. It’s got these lovely new wardrobes nicely fitted very modern.

And then you’ve got

Shower, okay, nice and modern very, very well finished.

Go to showers are.

But some large mirror. They’re also on the Shelf, again, plenty of light that is there’s blinds to close that over.

Really lovely part about this bedroom is the fact that you can go outside.

Such a lovely view. You’ve got the view of the city, there is around.

And then you’ve got. Also the canal just staying here.

However, I want

Then that’s the living room.

That’s what manager.

This is a bathroom. The lights are currently not working. So hopefully my camera shows this well, but if you start of a bath, pretty much similar to the bathroom in the en suite. But really lovely, really good condition. These are little cupboard spaces as well.

This is the second bedroom. Got also access to the balcony though. Could definitely fit a double bed. And you’ve got slide or jumps here. Also can’t open them because I’ve got stuff here, but I’m sure it has. Plenty of storage. Yeah, you’ve got a bit of storage as well. Hang into this.

That’s the second bedroom. Definitely, definitely large enough for a double bed, and you could fit more furniture in there. Also, this is your storage covered with your washing machine, which is also a dryer. And you’ve got your boiler and the rest of your circuit boards and stuff in there.

And then last but not least, you’ve got your living room and kitchen. So I’m going to take you into the kitchen. First, got large fridge, freezer. You’ve got your microwave oven. They’re got loads of cupboard space. They’re also there’s for sure. I got this lovely work top and then more cupboard space.

Expect to find out there. Also a nice modern kitchen and straight into the living room, which is a really really good size, living space.

Again, you can get access. Like, there. We were just out there as well. So you can see that lovely View.

And that is everything.

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