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146a Gloucester Avenue, London 2 bedroom Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Okay. So this is a cluster of Anew the to bed, which can also be used as a three bed. And this is the office room here or you can use it as the three bedroom or a little reception room. So it is at the ground floor level. You do have your privacy here with the Frosted windows. So really high ceilings, plenty of space in here and you do have a wardrobe here which you can put your coats and stuff in it as well.

So it’s the first string. Second room is just in here. So you’ve got your bedroom, which has loads of built-in storage. As you can see, plenty of storage. You’ve even got storage at the top there and the bottom. And then you’ve got double-glazed Windows there, at the back, plenty of room. If you want to put a desk in here or more furniture in through here. You’ve got one in the bathrooms. It is the smaller of the bathroom spot shower.

Toilet saying Myra and your heated, towel rail. There’s also an extractive fun, nice and modern also, and then we go downstairs. So got this nice feature here. So you can see the living room, because lovely, unique exposed, brick wall, and then you’ve got your living space, just through here, nice and large. And you’ve got plenty of storage Cupboards in your kitchen. And here you’ve got the fridge freezer. There is a

And another fridge freezer, which I should I will show you in a minute. You’ve got your dishwasher. And then this is all covered space. Nice, modern tiles are also.

So much space in here. As you can see, they’ve even got a table tennis. So, yeah, quite large.

Got plenty of light coming through here considering your lower ground and it made this really nice feature to bring all that. Like through. You’ve got a little bit of outdoor Spears, nice and private as well. Not too many people looking over.

And then I’ll show you the last bedroom and utility room bathroom. So through here again, exposed brick really nice feature. And then you’ve got the second bedroom but larger and then you’ve got all this storage space, just there. Also.

I see that and then through here, this is another entrance but 20 lakhs don’t really need to use that good for fire exit. So you’ve got another fridge-freezer just here. Got your tumble dryer and your washing machine, and then three here, we’ve got your second bathroom. So you’ve got married here, sink some storage, just under the sink, and then your bath, so really cool. Funky bathroom.

And then that is everything. Let me know if you’ve got any questions.

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