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5, 6 Upper John Street, Soho, W1F, London Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Okay, welcome to the gavel tool of the one bedroom flat to rent. This one’s on upper John Street right in the center of Soho. So we are just next to Golden Square, so gorgeous little part of. So if you’re looking for someone, that’s a bit quieter, but obviously still right in the heart of the West End, look no further than this. And then as for the flat itself, we have a lovely modern spacious one-bed to show you around. Just to give you a brief as we come through the front door, which is on this side is

Still tentative. So they have a few things lying around. So just tell obviously note those if you see it all those things will go. Like for example, got a nice little shoe collection on the floor, joist here in the entrance. But as you come in once that’s out of the way, you got plenty of space to have like a shoe rack or somewhere to put your coats and then right front of us, the entry system for downstairs. There is a concierge. Who’s there from Monday to Friday, 8:00 until 2:00 p.m.

M, lovely guy and you can assist with packages or anything like that. Now for the flat itself,

So the sense nice modern space. You have some of little tiles on the floor and then it goes through two. Wooden, flooring into the reception room, which we’ll see in a second but nice and bright. Wooden doors. For example, it just feels like they put a little bit of effort into this one and it is furnished as scene.

So into the bedroom.

We have a king-sized bed. I believe we will double check on that, and then the extra Furniture you’ve got a sort of chest of drawers, like, dressing table on that side. Your wardrobe over here, which is a double wardrobe.

And then as we come around this way again, we have a chest of drawers in the corner on that side. This space out here just outside of the window is a little Courtyard area.

Two Norm can actually sort of walk out there, but it’s just to allow light to come down into the middle, the building and then you’ve got Flats as part of the same building complex on the opposite side and now through to the en suite.

Which is just in here, so you got a big walk-in shower, some good storage on the side, their stories behind the sink as well. And then tucked in here is the washing machine and it’s also a dryer built in there as well and then tiled all the way through. So very nicely done. Actually. I think to have a nice bathroom is one of the most important things, which is going to be where you’ll spend a lot of time and it has to be comfortable.

And I think with this one, you won’t feel short of that. And as far as storage goes, in addition to that. We do have another cupboard just on the side here.

So along hang around someone to hang your coats. Again, that shoe rack could go in there as well and finally through to the kitchen reception room. So it’s open plan.

Straight on the left as you come in as the actual kitchen space itself with a sort of Island on this side. And then over on this side. We do have the actual reception space. I’ll go through the kitchen full-size fridge, and freezer down the bottom all-important. Like these places around here, this tiny little ridges, which no one can feed themselves out of realistically, but you’re okay on this one, dishwasher is on the

There. Of course, the washer dryers in the en suite and then storage all the way along microwave oven all built in there, along with a nice hub for rings on this side. We have the kitchen now for the reception room.

It’s a decent sized space. Obviously, the current tenant has their sofa here. This will come as part of the flap. You could arrange it. However you wanted to. If you wanted to move your TV somewhere else. You can put it on that side, for example, and you still got space as they have on this side, for a little work station with their desk. Could put a small dining table here if you wanted to, instead. However, you want to work it, really? And then,

Over here. They have coming up the windows.

So I can’t really show you just outside but it is double glazing on these and this looks out onto upper. John Street is self, which is one of the quieter streets that you’ll find around this area. Just by, I’m trying to pan around from this corner as well. Just give you a better idea of the space.

So altogether, 414 square feet.

Available from the start of December. This one is managed by greater London properties, as well. So, you’re very well looked after we based just around the corner. You’ve got a specific property manager assigned to you and we do have the emergency line for as well as use as well. So if you have a need to reach us whenever we can help out with that and if you do want to make an offer based off this video, you can do just have to reach out to us. Or if you would like to book a viewing in person, we can do that as well. So, whatever works best for you. If you think this one is something you could be interested in. Just let us know.

The number is zero, two zero seven, seven three four, four zero to 60 and it’s greater than the properties.

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